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Guns, I Will Keep, The Police Can Keep the Flu Shot and Shove it!

f you need to sell one of your guns. Government gun buybacks are a rip off. There are plenty of people willing to buy your rifle or handgun for full market value. Guns are in demand by people who will offer more than a small penitence the police will give you. The government cannot compete in these gun buybacks because guns are in demand. It is a sellers market. Why give them to the police who will not give you the real value for the gun. Instead give them to people who will offer more and it is cash. Guns belong in the hands of a free people spread out all over then in the hands of a tyrannical government.

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That alternate buyback by TAG

That alternate buyback by TAG was a great piece of activism. I'd love to see more of that across the country. Every firearm turned into the police lessens the defense of us all if the SHTF.

Blessings )o(