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Nothing Will Change Until the Collapse

The fact is this: the federal government is too integrated into American life.

Even a place like Texas won't meaningfully resist the federal government because of the way its people and budget depend on the feds.

But the day of federal reckoning is coming. The federal budget is whack. They will probably resort to crazy measures like seizing national 401k and IRAs to fund the treasury. Eventually, the dollar will collapse.

I promise you, by that point, Texas will be ready to resist.

California, on the other hand, will not. It depends existentially on the federal government and will fight to sustain it until the last drop of candy falls out the federal faucet.

Places in the Northeast are so heavily indoctrinated by 'federal dogma' (Krugmanomics, etc.) they will likely choose to go down with the ship rather than change their ways.

So, once Texas and others start resisting, they need a plan. If the federal government can be undermined and underpowered quickly enough, it will convince places like California to just let go and accept a federal presence closer to the intention of the founders.

This will be the only way to save the Union.

So this means our main goal is to be prepared.

1. Understand founders' intent, read Madison and Jefferson.
2. Understand Nullification, begin practicing it.
3. Get into your State's politics. They are rendered somewhat arbitrary by the federal gov's size, but they will be very important later.
4. Understand economics, and the harm of mercantilism, and other imperial economic policies. Don't let the new union exist as a facsimile of the failed old union.
5. Get prepared. Modern civilization hasn't adapted to life without the federal government yet. Conveniences, even necessities, will be lacking in a crisis. Don't be in a position to have to give up liberty for security.
6. Point out why the left AND right are so so wrong. Eventually, we'll convince everyone to stop fighting these battles at a federal level.

That's the sort of bent we need to take. There is NOTHING left for us at the federal level. There WILL be a collapse. DON'T let them use it to take all that's left of your liberty.

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The country is too far gone. I think the time drawing near that we form our own enclaves throughout the country. I know some have already begun but I mean in much more earnest.