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Liberal People's Party = Norway Libertarians

The DailyPaul is ranked 936th in Norway (U.S. is 4th at 2755th)


In Norway, the "Libertarian" Party is the Liberal People's Party: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Liberal_People%27s_Party_%28No...

So are there a ton of Norwegians that read this website? How many are members of the LPP?

This site is also popular in South Korea, Portugal and Pakistan (rounding off the top-5).

Should we create topics/forums for efforts in these Countries? Would users from those countries find that useful?

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Lots of Tor Browser IP addresses come from Norway

Lots of DPers use Tor.


That could explain a lot of the traffic. I was hoping to draw some comments from international users to this tread and hopefully get some clarity.

Jack Wagner

I agree to leading by example

We should lead the world through example and not get involved. But I love hearing about support from other countries. I really think we have the ability to unite the world in freedom with the right message. For the first time in history, the UN and other world government systems (which are trying to unite the world through force) could lose everything to those who love freedom.

This Is Awesome...

...and yes, we definitely should get involved in politics in other countries. I would love to see a Korean Ron Paul...LOL

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I don't think we should be

I don't think we should be involved in the politics in other countries. Just as we don't want people meddling in our politics, we shouldn't be meddling in theirs. They have a right to self determination without others who have no stake in the game coming from the outside trying to influence their decisions. Dr. Paul always advocated the advice from G. Washington, "Peaceful trade with all, entangling alliances with none." We have no business getting involved in the politics of other countries. After all, that's what we are already doing as a country all around the world, with less than peaceful means. If its not ok in that way, then its not ok in any way. We need to leave them alone and let them find their own way, IMO.

Blessings )o(


...I am not talking about government interference in other countries, if that's what you thought. I don't see how anyone could disagree with putting up posts for libertarians in South Korea running for office or legislature that is being passed in Japan.

We need to get an early start on 2016: Support Rand PAC 2016



I respectfully disagree

While I agree with you that we shouldn't be meddling in other country's business. I think that freedom of association and common love of liberty with anyone and everyone all over the globe is perfectly respectable and ought to be encouraged. Furthermore the best way to spread liberty is with sharing the ideas that it is built upon (as opposed to the sword). There is nothing at all wrong with explaining what freedom is, it becomes wrong when we try to force others to accept our views.

We aren't talking about going to other countries and creating a movement there, we are talking about finding commonality with like minded citizens of other counties.

I think that's great.

Ron Paul and George

Ron Paul and George Washington was talking about the government not getting involved. As individuals we should get involved in whatever we feel like getting involved in.

I'm thinking more from a Community stand-point.

Should we optimize our community resources to incorporate Liberty mind-folk from those countries? Seems to make since. We have British folk on here. I've talked to a number on other Ron Paul forums.

Having a Korean section in a forum, and sharing resources with other Liberty folk around the world is far different that government sanctioned intervention in foriegn politics.

Jack Wagner