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Ron Paul Criticizes CIA, Brands Them as ‘Every Bit as Secretive as the Federal Reserve’

The retiring Congressman Ron Paul has long made known his opposition to the federal reserve and the CIA. In a recent comment he pulled the two together titling a post on his website as ”The CIA Is Every Bit as Secretive as the Federal Reserve.”

Paul cited a Washington Post article posted Saturday that described how the Department of Defense’s Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) was sending close to 1,600 spies overseas in the name of national security and thwarting emerging threats. Paul wrote on his website:

Thousands of new DIA spies are to be hired and placed undercover to help foment even more covert wars and coups in foreign lands. Where will it all end?

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Ugh! The Blaze attributes

Ugh! The Blaze attributes that article to Dr. Paul, and it isn't by him at all. I've tried to sign into the Blaze to correct them, but can't find a sign in method that works for me.

They say he posted it all on his website, but the referenced link goes back to ronpaul.com, a grassroots site. *sigh* just another attempt to sensationalize Dr. Paul.

Blessings )o(