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Seeking Talented Video Maker For a Bring the Troops Home T.V Ad via Youtube Video

(This video will just need to be uploaded to Youtube in order to submit it to google tv ads) - Something dear to my heart is to see the troops come home and that is why i plan on taking action to see them come home. I want to start advertising via google tv ads, buying air time with a bring the troops home ad.. Advertising on Fox, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, and i was thinking A&E, TNT, etc.. Those details i will figure out later. But, im searching for someone who can basically make an ad that i can run on T.V. I am willing to pay on what you would quote me, but i would like to see the ad made similar to this, just something that looks professional and High Quality that can draw attention to media, and just people watching the ad. Im also sinking help maybe making a website they can go on at the end of the ad sort of a call to action, if there are any website's you would recommend linking or if someone could help make a website that would be great. Similiar to this video? (I would like to see in the video - Stating the costs of the wars, the lives lost, the families struggles, the kids growing out with dad's..) -- (Now it doesn't have to be like this video at all its just a suggestion) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ChXYfLaJnj4

Tell me your thought's, your time table of how long it would take to make, how much you would ask to make it, because i do want to help with Christmas time here and it's something time consuming and you should be payed for helping this cause. and ask me for more suggestions at the email i created for this project bringthetroopshome@hotmail.com

I will accept more than one ad.. and will pay all accordingly to the time spent and talent put in.

Now is the time to take action with the possibilities of more wars in the middle east and the date of our withdrawal being extended in Afghanistan. There motto is never leave a soldier behind, i think that should be ours to.. In Liberty!!

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Here is the music I mentioned.

It starts with a middle eastern feel the first 35 seconds(which I thought might fit the mention of our foreign policy there) then changes into a powerful rock sound.The drumbeat on the second part is very simple but I could add a different drumbeat with more fills and symbol crashes if you like.If you would like to use this music feel free to edit it to your liking for a short video.Also,let me know if you have any requests for music that has a certain feel to it and I will try to make music that fits anything you might have in mind.Take care.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=x3_...

Great News-

Website should be finished with, by the end of the week, then on to finishing the T.V. ad! If you can help, make an ad, im still looking for more people, please contact me!! Thank you!



PLEASE contact Punaman1

Ron Paul: The Forgotten Wounded

Punaman1 did me the honor of offering to work with me if I could ever come up with a joint project upon which we could agree.

Alas, Ron Paul's campaign staff ended that dream before it can happen.

I sent him a message

Via YouTube do you have any other contacts for him besides that? Maybe an email? Thanks!


This project is a large deal, and im hoping to get more people on board with me please, message me if you can help create an ad or help in anyway, thank you!


Is there any other folks with the experience to help? Please contact me, thank you!

i would be glad to help

Not much of a video editor but I think I can help you get a point across.I am also a musician.Please let me know what you think of the video linked to the bottom of this post.This is a mostly philosophical video I made accompanied by a instrumental version of a song I wrote and performed.The song has a melancholy feel to it which I thought suited the subject matter.Maybe you can use the music or some points made in this video?I will send you an email....edit:meant this as a reply to your last post addressed to me.

That would be great

Ya if you could help musically that would be awesome when I get some free time il watch the video. But, it would be great if you could make something that matches the tone of the video trying to be produced and it would also alleviate any copyright issues, because I'm assuming you would allow permission to do so I'm going to email you tonight, and we can use all the help we can get! Thanks!

Here is a great ad that was pulled from youtube before...

http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=Y0-... ....due to copyright claims.I thought this was the best bring the troops home video to date.I also thought it was the most convincing pro-Ron Paul video in general.This version says only 362 views at the moment which is baloney.The initial posting of this had thousands of views,but was pulled for copyright claims due to the song used,the same song that is used on this version.Of course,if you decide you would like to use my music for a bring the troops home ad,I will gladly give permission.I have another instrumental song in mind that has a triumphant/powerful rock feel to it that you may like.I need to put a drumbeat to it and will let you hear it as soon as I get it done.

That was one..

Of the most shared videos i sent to people when trying to win there hearts over to our cause during the republican election cycle it is very touching and total bs why it got removed. The reason why it got removed was probably, because it was changing people's mind on the issue.. Ok well if you have the instrumental right now send me an email and let me check it out, actually send me anything you would suggest and i will compensate you for using the material. I want nothing preventing this video to spread and i dont want them using the same copyright crap as they did to that video. I want this to be 100% fair, my goal here is to see our troops come home.. And by you and others helping i will gladly to compensate you for your time..

Update -Bill Avoider

Bill Avoider is now creating an ad as we speak! I hope everyone can send him a big thank you! And this campaign bring the troops home will not just be about one video. Please if you have the talent, email me!!! We need at least 3-4 different video's flooding the T.V. Airwaves! If you are a talented video maker, and wants to help a great cause, while earning a few extra dollars or (I will pay in silver) :-) Then please contact me! We need this to be huge, effective, and long lasting! In Liberty!!!

*I will update you when the video is on Youtube so we can get it viral on via internet and on T.V.*

Great news!

Looking forward to helping these videos go viral!

I still haven't found a video creator.

Please email or comment on this post if you have the skills to do so and thank you everyone for your opinions and support! This community we have is just amazing, just thinking how much we have accomplished! And all we still have left to complete! .

I can do it!

email me :whitemanik@yahoo.com

Label Jars, Not People!


Got an email back did you get my email yet, please let me know thanks!



Label Jars, Not People!


I just sent you a email! Look forward to hearing what kind of experience you have in editing, or video making!.

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What an AWESOME idea! You should contact Jeremy Richter

Jeremy produced the short film "Elektable" and it is quite good. He is a filmmaker by trade and a BIG Ron Pauler...and he might be your man for the job on this.

Here is his youtube channel:




Norfolk, VA

Time to INVESTIGATE the investigators of 9/11. PROSECUTE the prosecutors. EXPOSE the cover-up.

I gave his..

Office a call, i didn't get a answer, but im sure there just busy.. Do you have a personal email adress, or cell i can reach him at? That would be great.. Looks like he does great work though..!

Thanks Chris!

Thank you for the advice I remember the Elektable video it was very well done and did a great job of spreading the corrupt neas of the mainstream media, and the logic and electibality of Ron Paul. I will be getting in touch with him!

Thank you FreedomLover for doing this!

I have felt for a few years now that if an ad campaign such as the one you are suggesting could actually happen, the shift in public opinion would be so swift and loud that our neocon "leaders" would have no choice but to take notice.

I have also dreamed of such an ad, and have spent many hours planning it. I think the most effective ad would be short on words, and would paint a picture that would really grab people emotionally. Of course, the right music is extremely important too.

I wish you the best FreedomLover--please see it through!

This has been my hope to!

Your absolutely right. What I told myself though is instead of waiting for someone to make this project happen, why not be apart of it. And that's exactly what I'm going to do and I'm going to follow through with it even if I have to go to a major commercial producing company.. I felt like we where at a tipping point this last year now I'm going to make sure it happens in 2014! Thank you for the positive comment!

With this issue, the time for action is always now.

I might suggest that one idea you might try is to make a search of cost-of-war videos that have been made already, and contact the video producers of the ones you like the best to ask them if they would be interested in updating the vids and cutting them down to 30 or 60 second spots.

Thanks for the suggestion!

I have contacted a few, but I will keep looking.. I'm just trying to find someone that could produce a quality video, but thanks and absolutely the time is now to take action on bringing our troops home..!

I like your idea a lot

Why are the good idea's never get completed? Lol I'm seeing trends here.. I do like the idea very much. But, my question would be do you think we could fit it all in a 1 minute ad and make all our points clear. It seems like alot of cramming, but I'm assuming with a proper video maker they could help us out with this.. And actually make I look professional and well done

Here are some suggestions for the text of such an ad.

.I believe in truth,freedom and peace.
.I believe in the golden rule.
.I believe that it should NOT be the responsibility of U.S. troops to police other sovereign nations.
.I would not send my son or daughter to police other sovereign nations,so I don't believe it is right to send other people's sons and daughters to do this.
.I believe that people should be free to live their lives as they wish,as long as they don't hurt others.
.I believe people can affect change more effectively and positively in their local communities than politicians in D.C. can.
.I believe that sound money that keeps its value is better than inflated money that loses its value and makes the cost of living go up constantly.
...........Just wanted to start this with a few points in no particular order and if we work together I think we could condense all our shared principles into a short ad.Please add your suggestions/points and I will add as well.Hopefully,we can get one or several great short ads out there and make our shared principles spread nationwide and worldwide.


I like your points, I think one of the reasons why I suggested more than one video is for this exact reason.. I think it would be a good idea to show people what and why they should live by a certain life principles and that being the principles of liberty and the adherence to the oath and constitution.. In a 1 minute ad your suggestion is very do-able. One ad we should be using logos and one pathos.. This could be the logical reasons to End the Wars, Let people Live free from government, surveillance, NDAA, Ending the Fed, and following the constitution.. The things you where basically stating I could see this helping spread the liberty movement..


I think it would be a good idea at the end of such ads if we list a website for people who agree with said principles to go to get more information on how to unite behind said principles.Imagine a website where we can unite behind shared principles and support or boycott certain companies,support candidates,help others voluntarily in our local communities,This website could maybe be "the shining light on the hill" and try to set a good example that others would like to follow and join us.