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Reality Check: Is Iran Really Plotting an Attack on U.S. Soil? 12/2/12

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"We would have already bombed someone"

No question about that! The bar we use to determine if someone should be bombed is set so low a snake couldn't slither under it.


feel a false flag coming and pinning it on Iran?


someone better tell Bill Nye

to quite his job and pick a safer profession.

This is an archived Reality Check

This is a Reality Check from February of this year and is not a "new" Reality Check. Looks like someone created a "BenSwannArchive" account on YouTube about a month ago around the time when Ben's station pulled his official YT Channel. Nonetheless it's good to hear this again and thank you to the person who created this channel!

WHY people are so blind

in this country is mind-boggling! I can already hear the warmongers that I'd like to share this with - it would be a whole series of indignant, "Yeah, buts..."

Fascist governments always have to create a common enemy for the people to rally against. This time around it's Iran - no matter what we've done to them. Of course our aggression is righteous, it's justified. I can remember an interview of Ron Paul (someone here probably knows exactly how it went better than I) where that idiot, Sean Hannity, claimed that America never abuses its powers. Unreal! Absolutely unreal.

When the American spirit was in its youth, the language of America was different: Liberty, sir, was the primary object. - Patrick Henry

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Bravo Ben. Keep hammering away at hypocrisy.

The hype and the lies from this country are mind-boggling. Big lies unfortunately still work.

Bump for Ben Swann

It seems like a long time since I've seen Ben Swann on the Dailypaul. Bump


try to post a lot of them....they never get hits now though.

Higher chances to see a baby

Higher chances to see a baby zebra attacking a pack of hungry lions, you being stalked by Paris Hilton or Brad Pitt and me going to Mike Tyson's home, call him a faggot, beat him, taking his title belts and force him to cook me one of his pigeons for dinner.


Very colorful. :)