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Are the Rand haters really just secret Rubio supporters?

I've been thinking about why it is that so many people in the liberty movement hate Rand Paul so much, considering that he's the most libertarian Senator we've had at least within the last 100 years, and since he's done more for the cause of liberty than any of the people who post comments here. One thought that has come to mind is that many, if not most of the Rand haters are actually secret Rubio supporters. These are people who are trying to make it look like the liberty movement is divided when it comes to Rand, thus making it easier for Rubio to win the GOP nomination in 2016. These people realize that Rand is the only candidate with a real chance to stop Rubio in 2016, and they realize they have to stop Rand in 2016 in order to get Rubio the GOP nomination. Their strategy is to act like members of the liberty movement in order to damage Rand's potential candidacy in 2016, thus ensuring that Senator Marco Rubio wins the GOP nomination in 2016. It seems to be a very credible and well thought out strategy by the Rubio supporters. I was just wondering what everybody thought about this possibility. Thanks.

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Rand better get right, or get out.

Rand endorsed Romney and said he would stump for Romney on the campaign trail. Don't go turning it into something it's not. I would NEVER endorse Mitt Romney, because he represents the same people and agenda as Obama.

Just accept it. Libertarians don't support evil. Rand Paul does. A Libertarians serves good fruit. Rand Paul stumps for evil.

I do NOT "hate" Rand Paul,

I simply find his inconsistency on the liberty issue to be a detriment to the liberty movement. If he were the GOP nominee in 2016 it would set back the liberty movement 30 years. And, to top it off, he would lose the general election!

In 2016 we need a true liberty candidate as Ron Paul was, someone like Judge Nap. Democrats and independents who are liberty-oriented would never vote for Rand Paul, as they could see he was only pro-liberty when it suited his Republican hackism.

Please, dear liberty supporters, do not make the mistake of supporting Rand Paul for President in 2016. Choose the real deal!


Or they like Jeb Bush or one of the other corrupt NeoCons.

Or their employers are benefiting from the current corruption.



Anyone who takes issue with any decision of Rand's is actually behind the scenes giving their all to Rubio.

It's just amazing how these Rand-hater/Rubio-lovers all found each other, coordinated the effort, and were able to put in so many man hours trying to fool everyone at the Daily Paul while still working hard to advance Rubio.

And then you actually CAUGHT them!

My post was just a joke. I

My post was just a joke. I didn't think anyone would actually take it seriously.

We don't...

We don't and you are seriously wasting our time. Go play some place else with the other children and leave the adults alone.


This whole site has become a

This whole site has become a waste of time full of nothing but idiots. You are very much included in that group.

If you really think that Rand

If you really think that Rand is a serious player for 2016, you will be dissappointed. He has even less of a base than this dad. The neocons will NEVER let him close to the presidency and he generates a singular lack of enthusiasm in the liberty movement. He has also pretty much cut himself off from the social liberals/fiscal conservatives among independents, Republicans, and Democrats. He has no base!

"Are the Rand Lovers Really Just Closet Neocons?"

I fixed your headline.

You may thank me now. lol

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the republican party will not

the republican party will not be truly healed until George P. Bush is nominated.



"Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it." -- Joseph Goebbels

No one hates Rand.

He's just been disappointing. And there are better people in Washington. Justin Amash, for one.

Don't be such a drama queen.

"Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it." -- Joseph Goebbels

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its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
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They may not be Rubio supporters...

... but they are no friends of liberty.

The Virtual Conspiracy

Very true, but you have to

Very true, but you have to understand the mindless idol worshipping idiots who now come to DP. It's not their fault they're stupid.

Looks Like This Post ...

Blew up in someone's face.

Nice to see people displaying some cognitive reasoning and blunt no-bullshit assessments of Lil' Rand and his 'principles', here.

A Real Conservative 'sounds' like a Hannibaugh-minion after seeing his/her post in this thread refer to only posting this drivel to 'illustrate the absurd by using absurdity', AFTER getting his/her ass handed to him over his original post.

That aside, to attempt to paint people who critically assess Rand Paul, as somehow being secret establishment plants, e.g. Rubio minions, is, well, stupid.

Better than cartoons. Keep it coming, please.

I am Rush Limbaugh.

I am Rush Limbaugh.

who i'm sure

thinks he's a "real conservative" too.


Funny reply.

I don't think that many

I don't think that many libertarians or Ron Paul supporters are actually "hating" on Rand. I think that there's mostly a healthy skepticism in the Liberty crowd when it comes to this issue. We must be skeptical of everyone who wishes to be in political office. Hell, I was skeptical of Ron for the longest time. Healthy skepticism is crucial if you wish to seek the truth.

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Liberty crowd my ass. Well

Liberty crowd my ass. Well over half the people here are mindless idiotic robots. This isn't a liberty crowd, it's a bunch of liberal kids acting like they know something about government, liberty, freedom and history. Then there are a bunch more who are just hipster pseudo-anarchists until they get robbed and cry and call 911. Not even 90% of the people here are ready for what they need to do. Just a bunch of pussies.

Why are you on here then?

Don't associate yourself with us morons, then.
Honestly, the real idiots are the people like you that think arguing with everyone on here is productive. Your a part of the problem, not the solution. This site is here for open discussion, not trolling a$$holes!

"I will not submit to authority of man. I'm alive, I'm awake, this is more than I can take." -Jordan Page

How original.

How original.

Then you aren't paying any

Then you aren't paying any damn attention. There are a TON of haters. I wish it was healthy skepticism as that is what I harbor, but people are clearly taking it much, much further than that.

it takes 2

to tango.
try and jam a questionable politician down people's throat day after day and you're going to get feedback, and from those with a strong libertarian streak, lots of it.

I haven't jammed anything

I haven't jammed anything down your throat. I talk about a liberty candidate on a liberty site. You are the one who is reacting here, and initiating the argument by talking such mad shit on a candidate who is clearly very closely aligned with this movement. Again, healthy skepticism is fine but (and I am assuming you are one of these based on your outlandish and unreasonable response) it goes far beyond that for many of the posters here, they are absolutely hating, this is correct use of the English word.

i didn't mean you personally, but

a liberty candidate? sanctions on Iran? Dead Iranian children? Endorsing a flat out neocon pro police candidate for prez? let's just say we have different ideas what liberty means. i don't see anything outlandish in my remark, everyday it's rand this, and rand that. if by hate you mean a strong dislike, sure. what's the problem with that? it beats wearing blinders.

You're being intellectually

You're being intellectually dishonest here. You know damn well those are not the things that make him a liberty candidate. You also know that the reason we support him is not for those things. It's because we want to see liberty actually happen in the real world, not just as a theoretical fantasy ideal of someone who will never do anything wrong. Regardless of whether or not you agree with that notion, you are demonstrating willful ignorance when you suggest that those are the reasons we consider him a liberty candidate and completely ignore the 90%+ positive things he does.


Please do not consider it hate. This nation has been on a wrong course for a century. It is on its last leg before r3VOLution becomes revolution.

Speaking for myself: I do not dislike Rand. He has many good qualities. As I have said in another post, I looked forward to after election when we all could participate in open discussion, create great comparison sheets of ALL potential candidates based upon facts/records, and FULLY VET a candidate that we could all agree on.

Ron hasn't even started his college speaking tour yet, which he may begin in January. It is the youth vote, an entire generation that will be needed to save this Republic, and to win an election. Based upon that, I have hope for Justin Amash, who can rake in that youth vote, True Conservatives and Liberty-minded folks. Justin is making waves, and is on the horizon.

But again, I do not discount Rand. I believe that Rand, Justin, Massie, and others should all be vetted equally. It may be wishful thinking, but I also hope that once Ron begins speaking, WE the r3VOLution would have the numbers to select the candidate that WE want, not the establishment. That is, after all, what the Constitution defines.

We need to respect ALL of our allies, but we need to vet and hold them accountable too :-)

PS: 'A Real Conservsative' may possibly be a shill. This is only my opinion. I state this because of his posts, and imo, he is making trouble where there is no reason to do so. Such as this thread.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

"Hold them accountable" here

"Hold them accountable" here meaning, apparently, refuse to vote for them, act like they are the scum of the earth, call them vile terms that are supposed to be reserved for the worst of the worst, and disown anyone who disagrees....

No, I do not respect that. These are not my allies.