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Are the Rand haters really just secret Rubio supporters?

I've been thinking about why it is that so many people in the liberty movement hate Rand Paul so much, considering that he's the most libertarian Senator we've had at least within the last 100 years, and since he's done more for the cause of liberty than any of the people who post comments here. One thought that has come to mind is that many, if not most of the Rand haters are actually secret Rubio supporters. These are people who are trying to make it look like the liberty movement is divided when it comes to Rand, thus making it easier for Rubio to win the GOP nomination in 2016. These people realize that Rand is the only candidate with a real chance to stop Rubio in 2016, and they realize they have to stop Rand in 2016 in order to get Rubio the GOP nomination. Their strategy is to act like members of the liberty movement in order to damage Rand's potential candidacy in 2016, thus ensuring that Senator Marco Rubio wins the GOP nomination in 2016. It seems to be a very credible and well thought out strategy by the Rubio supporters. I was just wondering what everybody thought about this possibility. Thanks.

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His post was a joke too

And if your only purpose was to gain negative publicity from the DP community, then I can understand why your post is a load of ridiculous garbage.

You have the wrong idea about these forums if you're only determined to aggravate people.

Well, I thought I might try

Well, I thought I might try to amuse people. But, I think the absurdity of my post just illustrates the absurdity of the hatred for Rand. The point of my post was basically to illustrate absurdity by being absurd.

All I'm seeing is a repeat

of the "if you think Rand is a turncoat you're a "HAAAATTEEEERRRRR" meme. And that is a dead giveaway of a statist change agent.

Lol, no. im not a rubio

Lol, no. im not a rubio supporter. Im a RON PAUL supporter in which i live in the state that his son is senator in. I voted for Rand Paul. I will never vote for him again though. The reason is, his views are not what he leads you to believe. Yes he is for some liberty and freedom but time and time again he has sold freedom out. Voting for the Iran sanctions now twice. And the one that makes me most sick was endorsing a candidate that was a blatant fraud.

He promised that he would

He promised that he would endorse the eventual GOP nominee when he ran for the Senate in 2010. It wasn't because he agreed with all of Romney's policies. It was just a commitment he made when he was running for Senate. The people who were angry about the Romney endorsement simply weren't paying attention to what Rand was saying back in 2010.

did he also promise

he'd do while his father was still in the race? and on a godawful ron paul hater's TV show?

and did he promise to campaign for the evil one too?

No, we were paying attention.

He said he would endorse the GOP nominee, but none had been picked at the time of his announcement.

It's been repeated so many times, but you guys just keep ignoring it. Rand endorsed Romney while his father was still in the race. How hard would it have been to wait until the GOP convention was over?


The reason why Rand endorsed

The reason why Rand endorsed Romney before the convention was so that he would get a speaking slot at the convention. Rand wouldn't have been able to speak at the RNC convention had he not endorsed Romney before hand. Rand speaking at the RNC convention was a HUGE accomplishment for the liberty movement. Also, all of the primaries and caucuses were over by the time Rand endorsed Romney. Romney had wrapped up the nomination, and Ron had even sent out an email saying that it was statistically impossible for him to win. The people who somehow thought that Ron had a chance to win the GOP nomination at the time of Rand's endorsement of Romney are completely delusional.

Do you think Ron was ever LIKELY to win? if not were there other

things he was running for? Higher profile? Springboard to post House days at the head of C4L as NOrquist is for his group? THe thousands and thousands starting then to come see him speak? All of which cratered at the endorsement?

What of the leverage Ron was gaining for his OWN speech at the RNC with no censorship? Romney was going to have to do something - and this way the 'something' went to Rand, not Ron. After 30 years, and in HIS campaign, wasn't that for RON to do? Rand wasn't asked because he was Rand but because he was Ron Paul's son imho. All media coverage called it something being done as a hat tip to RON's supporters.

Putting his own career ahead of his own father's last campaign, when his father and his father's supporters were a big part of getting him into office is a character issue to me, and that is a fact.

ANY Congressman showing they value advancement over doing what is right is a red flag, and in this case I was one of those people fighting for Ron to get every last accolade in his last campaign that he could get, thinking no one could speak to the general election audience as he could. So it is personal, in my case.

I see it as Rand taking Ron's speech, and I don't see why that desire should be a positive to me.

I will likely vote for Rand if he runs in 2016 simply because he will likely be the best running from those I know of now who might run. but I'm not focusing on 2016, and when Rand gave that endorsement, one huge reason it was such a blow to the gut is that the natural progression to a Rand Paul leadership to me was blown. And I liked the idea of this transition, when I thought Rand could never act as he did.

I donated thousands to Rand in his election, and phone banked for him. Because he was Ron Paul's son, and I HOPED....

He is still one of the best Senators we have, maybe THE best. But it is a straw man to say whether or not Ron was going to WIN the GOP nomination determines whether Ron's supporters should care about Ron's campaign being blown out of the water with momentum growing every day.

Integrity means having to say things that people don't want to hear & especially to say things that the regime doesnt want to hear -RonPaul

It wasn't even Rons speech.

Rand just mouthed Rombomas words....and tried to give the appearance of Paul support for the socialist Rombama. Rand has no balls. He's a GOP lackey, a lickspittle, a weaselly pol.

How about we figure out how

How about we figure out how to have an honest election first, so that whomever we vote for stands a chance of winning.

Blessings )o(


They are secret HILLARY supporters.

"OH NO! He has a SON?" Neoconservatives and Liberals EVERYWHERE!

Rand Paul 2016

Focus on the Message, not the Man

Dude, who cares.

We have 4 years before November 2016. Its a little premature to settle down to one major figurehead for the movement.

For now, lets focus on delivering the message at the local level. Let the next 3 years unfold. This entire debate about "who's the man now" is pointless, fruitless, and makes no meaningful contribution to the movement itself.

If Rand is the man that will become increasingly obvious over time. IF he is not ... well, that will to. Let time unfold no need to push the envelope.

The movement needs action at the roots, not a star on top of the tree.

Those not supporting Rand have legitimate reasons

That is fine.

Those supporting Rand have legitimate reasons too.
That is fine also.

Let us all work towards liberty in our own way. If our efforts overlap, great. If not then they will still help indirectly. This is a multi front war. As friends of liberty we need to support each other even when we don't see eye to eye. Those supporting Rand will indirectly help those not supporting him through their efforts and vice-versa.

The thing that doesnt help is the infighting, tearing each other down, being divisive and sabotaging each others efforts. There's no silver bullet here. No one way is going to advance our cause. Everyone doing what they think best will bring us closer towards liberty. Isn't that what liberty is after all?


We fought like cats and dogs over Gary Johnson before the election and now we fight like hell over Rand Paul. I guess the fight is really between the purists and the not so purists.

Thank God things are getting done on the local and state level. Keep fighting for liberty at all cost!

"Purist vs Nonpurist" does sound so much

better than "compromisers vs noncompromisers" or "principled vs unprincipled", doesn't it?

look to the college kids and the youth movement

Ron Paul is the man,

Gary Johnson is their 2nd choice.

And both men will be making the college rounds again in 2013.

Rand, Rubio etc i don't think so. they're squares daddy-o.

purists vs non-purists

Pretty much.

I can see the validity in both sides, I just wish that some more people could too. Like the whole "taking over the GOP" thing. Personally, I dislike the idea, but if others think it's the (or rather, a) way to go, then so be it.

A signature used to be here!

oh here we go

Another "you dislike X, therefore you like Y" thread. Oh joy.

I almost like these as much as I like the "everyone who doesn't share my love of political figure X is a super duper secret operative!" threads...and oh! Looks like you threw that in as a bonus. Because, y'know, it's a perfectly logical explanation that just so happens to carry the benefits of dismissing criticism out of hand while reenforcing one's own paranoia and fear. Gee, wasn't expecting that at all!

Gee I wonder if...oh yes, *there* it is! "X is the only candidate who can win". Welp, I'm convinced!!!!!1

Ever think that some people simply don't care for Rand? It's a false dilemma when one says "if you don't like X, you must hate X" (oh, another one!), and it's getting very, VERY old.

This is almost as stupid as the "anyone who doesn't like Rand Paul hates Carol" garbage. What sort of mental gymnastics do you people perform to come to such asinine conclusions?

Obviously, since I disagree, I'm a Rubio supporting operative who probably has ties to the CFR and Rothschilds. I also killed the dinosaurs. On purpose.

On a serious note: I don't give two tugs of a rat's d--- what he does. He has his role to play, I have mine. You have yours.

edit: toned down

A signature used to be here!

Here's an idea - stop trying to judge people's hearts

The term "Rand hater" is divisive. There are those of us who do not care any more about degrees of "libertarianism." We want liberty, and being a slightly more liberated slave is just not going to work. If you REALLY wanted to know why many of us do not support Rand, you would listen to what we tell you. Your intent seems to be to stir up another fight. Go fight your enemies - LIBERTY haters.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.


notice the word hate or haters is only used by the rand apologists.

And leftist

shills. They love to smear and insinuate. And in their view there is no better smear than to accuse someone of that ultimate sin, "hating".

No, and lol

You question a few votes that Rand has taken as a Senator, and you're labeled a "Rand Hater" and a "Rubio Supporter".

Really? Are you kidding me?

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I am NOT Anti-America. America is Anti-Me - Lowkey
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There's nothing wrong with

There's nothing wrong with criticizing Rand when he votes the wrong way. I criticized him when he voted in favor of sanctions on Iran. But, there's a big difference between criticizing Rand when he's wrong and the kind of hateful comments that are directed towards Rand on a daily basis. Some of the people who post here seem to hate Rand more than they hate someone like Rubio or Lindsey Graham. I think all of the people who are so vicious towards Rand are taking their eyes off of who the real enemies actually are.

the man wrote a book

about bullies in the govt, and then he votes with the bullies on Iran. huh?


No, we are from the wing of the liberty movement who chose our parents well and detest hypocrisy and deceit. We are the principled faction.

Any more questions?

i hate the media

who really likes this rubio,,,,, he's all over the media,, rubio this rubio that,,,,,,,,,,, i see him as just a walking talking lying politician,,, and a neocon at that,,,, who throws bones to conservatives but is just another schill
say this----do that
war is good

i just don't get it

seems rand may follow that mantra to although to a much lesser degree

in 2016,,, people are gonna be fed up,,,,,, and be so angry at lying back stabbing pols that chris christie will walk into the white house in a cakewalk,,with no nonsense straight talk
i'm a nj resident,,,, huge dem majority,,, and the attacks to stop him verse corzine didn't work and were weak,,, he's only gained positive's since then ,,, thru media and his record
he'll be unstoppable

he does do some good,,, but certainly scares me as a bush appointee,andthat he could actually think romney was the answer

Really, you think he is

Really, you think he is better than Taft? Goldwater?

He's absolutely better than

He's absolutely better than Goldwater. Do you not remember that Goldwater actually wanted to nuke Vietnam?

Goldwater was talking about

Goldwater was talking about using low-grade nukes as a hypothetical technique to clear the path, it wasn't a serious suggestion.