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Letter I Just Wrote To My Newly Elected State Senator in Illinois. Please Feel Free To Use It As A Template

Here is the letter I wrote to my senator. I encourage anyone to use this as a template to write their own senators and representatives. With 9 point Times New Roman font, it fit onto one page, but you may have to fidget with the margins as well. (And yes, that is the REAL address of the Senator.)

Senator Jim Oberweis
951 Ice Cream Drive
North Aurora, IL 60542


RE: Congratulations & Bill Request

Mr. Oberweis,

Congratulations Mr. Oberweis on being elected to the State Senate. I’m very happy to say that I made a point to vote for you as well as advocated others to do the same. As a constituent and avid supporter, I would like to strongly suggest sponsoring a yet-to-exist bill. In the spirit of federal bills like “Free Competition in Currency Act of 2007. H.R. 4683” and “Tax-Free Gold Act of 2008. H.R. 5427”, I would request that you create/push forward a State of Illinois specific bill to allow “the people” use of constitutional money as was intended by our Forefathers.

Briefly, I would like to give an example of why such a bill is so important. 1964 was the last year mandated that silver be used to create coins. Lets say in that year two people were given a choice: one chose to use our current form of legal tender (Federal Reserve Notes) and the other chose one that was backed by silver. Both would get paid and make purchases from now on in their respective currencies. The example begins with their salaries starting at the 1965 poverty level ($1,540/yr http://www.ssa.gov/policy/docs/statcomps/supplement/2011/3e....).

1) If the person who chose to use and get paid in our current form of legal tender (Federal Reserve Notes) also received a $200 annual raise, by 2012 his/her salary would be approximately $11,000/yr (See link above), which is deemed the poverty level salary today.

2) Now lets look at the person who chose to stick with the silver coins. He/she started in 1965 with the same poverty level salary of $1,540, but this person did not get an annual raise what-so-ever. By 2012 his/her $1,540 would have the same purchasing power as over $37,000 worth of our current Federal Reserve Notes due to the market value of silver. (Purchasing power and market value based on the 2012 value of 1964 Kennedy half dollars, $12.15/ea, www.coinflation.com/coins/1964-Silver-Kennedy-Half-Dollar-Va...) This example clearly illustrates the need for people to have an option of using commodity backed legal tender.

Debt is devaluing our money and the people are at the mercy of banks and politicians (no offense). I am not advocating a “mandate” to change how people settle their debts, but rather just give them the option to use an alternate form of currency. No different than choosing to use credit/debit card, check, cash, etc. at the checkout counter. Currently the use of commodities like gold or silver as legal tender requires capital gains and sales taxes to be collected when exchanged. Using either commodity like today’s “money” is a jailable offense. However, simply allowing citizens to deposit their paycheck in a checking/savings account that converts that check into their value equivalent commodity and use a debit card linked to said account to make a purchase would make a world of difference. Details of how such a bill could be constructed can be taken from the federal bills listed above.

Think of all the people pushing for higher minimum wage, those who need food stamps or energy assistance to heat their homes, and everyone who will soon start on some form of government assistance due to all the new taxes. Allowing them the choice of having their paycheck converted to a commodity can potentially eliminate that. The whole system does not have to revert to a gold standard (although that’s not a bad idea) or mandate the people to use an alternate currency, but give us the freedom to choose.

Thank you for your time, and I hope to hear back to you on this issue.


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Hello sovereignjanice! Hope

Hello sovereignjanice! Hope all is well. I live downstate from your neck of the woods. I'm trying to get a grasp on the Nov. 4th elections and found your post. I haven't been following Oberweis, only now studying him since he will be on the ballot for Senator against Dick Durbin. I like most of what I see and hear but I don't see his views on certain larger issues. Was wondering if maybe you had some info on where this guys stands on foreign policy for example? Durbin's money machine is enormous and about impossible to overcome but I really like this lady:

Sharon Hansen


Here's a link to 2014 funds raised. It's sad

Dick Durbin (D)
Raised: $8,137,764

James D Oberweis (R)
Raised: $1,434,215

Sharon Hansen (L)
Raised: $1,845