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Book - Red Medicine - Socialized Health 1933

...Socialized Health in Soviet Russia

Doubleday, Doran & Company, Inc.

Garden City, New York

2 Brits - 1 Doctor and 1 Lawyer travel around Russia during this period and report on the Soviet Health Care System

Interesting passages...

pg. 102-103

"Persons beginning their work at the factory are passed through its sanitary bureau. Here they have a bath. They then receive protective vaccination against smallpox and typhoid. No further medical examination is undertaken at this stage; but when the worker is sent to his future 'shop', he joins one of several bridages, and the members of each brigade are examined systematically for medical needs. The examination is undertaken jointly by a commission of doctors and is stated to be very complete. After three or four months he must return for further examination."

pg. 297

"Lenin is quoted by F.J.P. Veale as stating that 'among a hundred Bolsheviks there is one Bolshevik with 39 criminals and 60 fools.'"

The Man from the Volga, a Life of Lenin. New York, R. Long & R.R. Smith, 1932.

pg. 300-301

"A boy was asked : 'If man buys 6 dozen apples at 18 kopeks a dozen and sells them at 36 kopeks a dozen, what does he get?' The boy's answer was : 'A jail sentence.'"

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Buying, several hardbacks

Buying, several hardbacks available on Amazon. Thanks for the heads up.

Southern Agrarian


Its amazing what one can still find out there.



AH! Now that you mention it,

AH! Now that you mention it, I noticed it was from the Hoover Library.
I just finished Hoover's Liberty Betrayed and I think Arthur Newsholme was mentioned in it -and/or- the book Red Medicine.

Southern Agrarian