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Mercury in Thermometer Causes School Lockdown


It's OK to put the mercury adjacent to their brain with amalgam fillings and directly into their bloodstream with mandatory vaccinations.

Government prison.


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Standard procedure these

Standard procedure these days. In high school a teacher asked me to nail and mount a mercury filled BP cuff and it fell off the wall the next day because of my shoddy job. Fire alarms pulled, rooms evacuated to outside for 45 mins while the janitors or some mystery people cut out the carpet where the mercury spilled.

Southern Agrarian

This is sensationalism on ALL fronts

Bringing in a Hazmat crew and locking down a school is paranoid overkill. The vapors of inorganic mercury are toxic, but so are many chemicals we are surrounded by. Put on a mask, rubber gloves, and use an eyedropper to suck up the mercury and put it in a sealed container.

The mercury/silver amalgams used in dental fillings are being phased out. It isn't because they are causing measurable harm, but because they are not cosmetic and other materials are rivaling the amalgam in properties while being much more cosmetic. A set amalgam releases mercury vapors at an extremely slow rate, comparable to background exposure.

The practice of using thiomersal as a preservative in microgram concentrations has been almost completely phased out.

Is it harmless? No. No chemical is harmless. Is it wrong to expose people to mercury without their consent? Absolutely.

But let's not panic and unnecessarily sensationalize things.

" let's not panic and unnecessarily sensationalize things."

...said, The Mad Hatter.

The old school hatters were using vats of mercury

Along with a bunch of other toxic chemicals.

The averaging retiring dentist has restored 10,000s of teeth with mercury amalgam. They aren't running around like a bunch of mad hatters.

Like I said, it's being phased out. I won't be using them in my practice.


have the highest rate of suicide among professional labor groups.
But, I'm sure it has nothing to do with mercury vapors.


I'd kill myself, too, if I had to look down women's blouses all day while they slept.

That's a total myth that everyone seems to believe.

News flash: soldiers have the highest suicide rates.

Followed shortly by police, lawyers, and white physicians.

What do they do about their lightbulbs?


Integrity means having to say things that people don't want to hear & especially to say things that the regime doesnt want to hear -RonPaul

School Name Change in Order

...from "Warhawks" to "Chickens". Exposing children to such irrational and disproportionally responsive behavior by adults is detrimental to their educational development. Another reason to avoid public schools.

I have a vivid childhood memory of playing with liquid metal

that came out of a broken thermometer on the bathroom floor. That stuff was cool and I couldn't have been older that five at the time. I'm not dead yet. Not that I advocate playing with mercury but let's get real here. Locking down the school? Give me a break.

Oh, for Pete's sake!

- a hazmat crew to protect students from the kind of thermometer millions used for decades. I googled into the universe "how many deaths were caused by the mercury in thermometers?" What came up first was this, "The Sort of Sad Death of the Mercury Thermometer - Slate Magazine." It's an interesting article, actually. Yeah, I could relate to playing with those beautiful silver balls on the floor when a thermometer would occasionally drop, fascinated by how they looked so solid in one way (like a metal) and yet acted like a liquid, also finding it amazing how they could be cajoled back together into one larger ball, broken up again, rolled back into one again. It was fun to get them scooped into a jar, shake it, and just watch what happened. Pretty soon we'll all be required to wear astronaut suits, just in case. By the way, I didn't see anything beyond articles on mercury poisoning that said it "could" cause death.


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