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The belly of the beast- a question for Republican PCO's

I'm interested in talking to other new and returning PCO's to find out how you are planning to be accepted into the party having been a Ron Paul supporter? Before my discovery of Ron Paul, the Republican party is the last party I would have ever thought I'd be involved in. This week though, I attended my first county Republican meeting as an elected PCO, still having my Ron Paul 2012 bumper sticker on my car. Some of the people in attendance had been involved for over 20 years and one lady for almost 40. So, I guess its safe to assume these folks are pretty set in the old ways of the party. I sit quietly listening and made no comments when looking at expenses that included Romney signs as I thought "did they really expect him to win". I held my tongue from blurting out "bring them home and this wouldn't be an issue" when an older lady was discussing absentee voting problems with overseas military. At least I had the comfort of knowing that half or more of the people there had been Ron Paul supporters too, and were probably thinking the same thing. I still don't know if a takeover of the GOP is possible, or even the best plan, but I'm in it now along with so many others,and hopefully come 2016, we will be strong enough to be able to better ensure that the party plays fair.

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