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Rand Paul Votes in Favor of $631 Billion U.S. 'Defense' Legislation

EPJ: Rand Paul's To Do List before officially running for president:

Visit is Israel (scheduled for January)
Make sure Military-Industrial Compex is funded (Check)

The Senate, by a 98-0 vote, authorized $525.3 billion in baseline military spending, trimming only a small chunk from the administration’s $525.4 billion request. Thebill also authorizes $88.5 billion more for ongoing wars."

Continue reading at: Economic Policy Journal

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I didn't think Obama could get any gayer either.

If that hurt your effeminate feelings, I'm pretty sure the LP is accepting disgruntled, Republican homosexualists.

"The truth is that neither British nor American imperialism was or is idealistic. It has always been driven by economic or strategic interests." - Charlie Reese

Of course as a

Of course as a non-collectivist, you understand that's completely beside the point. Rand is an unprincipled idiot. He votes well on occasion.

He still needs to apologize

He still needs to apologize for his endorsement of Rmoney

Yeah that was pretty gay.

Yeah that was pretty gay.

No thank you.

With "friends" like Rand, who needs enemies?

No worries!

This is all part of his secret plan....

Just you wait buddy!

2012: Rand is the litmus test for libertarians!
2013: Rand is my hero.. He took on NDAA like a boss!
2014: Rand is a true conservative and even the neocons will vote for him.
2015: Rand will show them all.
2016: Rand has my vote! We're gonna win this!!
2017: Rand will get going on Liberty in 2018, you'll see.
2018: I hate that SOB!!
2019: Go Rubio!!

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Rand is a pudwhacker.

Rand is a pudwhacker.

He's Got Us All Wondering When His Great Plan Begin..

Still waiting...Tick Talk, Tic, Talk, Tic, Talk.....

Just give me Ron Paul and forget the rest..I'm sick and tired of all the political game playing bullsh*it!

tic, talk - too funny!

I hear that same clock.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.