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Moscow Times Predicts U.S. Collapse and Secession

“Meanwhile, Alexander Oskin, chairman of the Press Distributors’ Association, a Moscow-based trade group for publishers and the mass media, told Vzglyad.ru that the online petition movement is the first massive separatist movement in the U.S. since the Civil War. Oskin also believes that the U.S. will collapse in the same way that the Soviet Union and Yugoslavia did,” Bohm writes.

Igor Panarin remains steadfast in his prediction, even though 2010 has come and gone. Many in the Russian media are leaning toward the same viewpoint.

They may be right. If Washington continues to ratchet up regulations, taxes and redistribution of wealth schemes; if Congress and the Executive Branch attack wealth, production, business and producers, secession may come.

It only depends on how much pain certain states are willing to bear and for how long.

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