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Adams on courage and integrity: A message to all truth-tellers who refuse to be silenced by the status quo


"I thank all the other truth-tellers across the 'net who, like me, have found that they cannot stay silent in the presence of political misdeeds and corporate evils. We have all discovered that speaking out is like the symphony of our souls: We cannot live as fulfilled souls unless we do everything in our power to uplift, inform and protect our fellow brothers and sisters across this planet. We tell the truth because doing so is the driver of our very existence in this realm. It is who we are, and we will not be silenced."

Could not have said it better, and I think he would deliver this message in person to many here, if he knew who you were and what you had done. Thank you also, to Mr. Adams. I know many people dismiss him, but after devoting a career to traditional healthcare I find the advice of the Health Ranger far less self serving, far more likely to produce healing than most prescriptions, and never ever forced upon me in any form. If you trust the FDA, feel free to follow their advice. I do not, I prefer the advice of this man.

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