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What would be the final straw?

Hello my fellow DP'ers (Does their balls rub against each other?) It's been almost a week since my last post and in that time I was certainly busy. I had just finished reading Peter Schiff's book "How an Economy grows and why it Crashes" and am currently dappling in Hayeks "Road to Serfdom" as well as Henry Hazlitts "Economics in one lesson." To be honest Hayeks book is a tough read for me I haven't read such a vocabularlic book in a while. I've applied for a gun license and have to take a test in the upcoming month; (That's how it works here in Canada) and I've also been writing letters to the editors and editorials for my favorite newspaper in my great city of Winnipeg. (Its more like Canada's Armpit) Although I've written about four in total only one based on letting private companies inspect their own beef instead of the government inspecting it all made it to the editorial section of the newspaper; nevertheless it was a good feeling knowing it made it up there.

I'm writing this post based on the new posts I've been reading here on the DailyPaul. I don't know about you but the articles that have been popping up recently are truly disgusting. Some describe the works of audio surveillance going on with version, The NSA whistle-blower video on the front page, FBI reading emails, government agencies wanting two years supply's of peoples text messages and finally the few posts discussing the reality's of drones. These posts truly make me angry and disgusted with whats going on in today's world; it seems hope is bleak and the eventual one world government overall takeover is immenit.

But then theirs people like you and me! With everything going on I feel good about the fact that people are wide awake and see the reality of this evil. People like you and me who are sick of big government and its unfriendly policy's, as well as the current economic shape we as a planet face. Although our numbers grow in leaps and bounds I get the uneasy feeling that tyrannical government is ready and stepping up to the plate and waiting to hit the final straw right out the park.

With the intellectual revolution going on it seems like I said earlier that out numbers continually grow, and it makes me crack a wide smile. But with that said their still is a large number of people who don't see eye to eye with us quite yet; we need their support in our revolution so that we may finally topple tyrannical government. With that being said tyrannical government is also growing by leaps and bounds and to me the eventual clash between us is going to happen. I believe this will happen while others believe that we will one day rise to a peaceful resolution; I just don't see it like that, call me morbid or whatever its my opinion. SO my question to you will be one that will make you rather condemn me for mentioning it, or will get you thinking like me; I truly wish for a peaceful resolution to be made but I hold little to it.

My question is: If push comes to shove; what will be your final straw before blood is shed? or what will the final straw be with North America and Europe as a whole. Will it be the killing of innocents by the government or police, will it be the announcement of a one world government, or whatever example could come to your mind. For me my final straw would be the creation of a World Central Bank, although I doubt I would charge head on with the government until innocents were killed by the government themselves.

This post may piss some of you off and may bring people together, I don't wish to add hate in our movement but in my opinion the question must be asked now or later down the road. I would love everyone's opinion be it positive or negative.

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it has affect #1

The final straw will be different for each individual. You may have reached your final straw which is why you chose to become active in the rEVOLution.

People have a tendency to be self-centered. If you read a news story about tyranny, you might feel some empathy but likely will do nothing about it. If you see your neighbor experience tyranny, you might question whether he must have done something to deserve it. Once the tyranny hits you, then it becomes very real and you might feel motivated to do something about it. At that point though, it is likely too late.

Sometimes I feel like we are awaiting a change in consciousness from the American people. I think enough people have to experience the pain before they will wake up.

The founders would be ashamed at us for what we are putting up with.


....after 3 or 4 days without food?

If people can drag a 6 foot wooden branch into their dens to chew on like a beaver does for the winter, perhaps it won't be as bad. ;)


Last Straw?

Will it be the killing of innocents by the government or police.

That is legal, has been since 1788. Slavery was made legal - for example.

will it be the announcement of a one world government

That has gone on since Ancient Egypt, on a regular basis the few who enslave the many change names and places, but the routine remains the same, crime done by the few is legal, according to them, anything done by the victims can be illegal, and you had better obey, without question.

You think I'm Joe King?


Section 4.
The validity of the public debt of the United States, authorized by law, including debts incurred for payment of pensions and bounties for services in suppressing insurrection or rebellion, shall not be questioned.

Pay, or you will be crushed and handed the bill.

For me my final straw would be the creation of a World Central Bank

What do you think is The Dollar Hegemony?

When those same few who control The Dollar Hegemony buy World War III< financing all sides, and then move their operations to China, because China is on the schedule to win World War III, the same World Central Bankers will keep their game going, that is what they do.

Again, this may not be easy to take, and you may want to think that I am a nut case, but all those things on your list are common current realities.

Check this out:



What do you think was the significance of the Ross Perot Campaign and the Giant Sucking Sound?


What do you think is the result of Waco?


What was all the hub bub about the Militia Movement?

What do you think was behind the Oklahoma City False Flag?

What do you think they are doing in Utah with the Gold money bank?

The last straw already broke for many in 1787, welcome aboard?



Thumbs up to that

Thanks for the clarity


Chip. Ain't happening. Forced vaccine, ain't happening.

"Its easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled."
Mark Twain

Are you new to the Liberty movement?

If not, You're getting a late start in all of your readings.

Very new

A few weeks in