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Ron Paul Revolution: George W. Bush Back In The News? I Want To Vomit!

RON PAUL REVOLUTION: George W. Bush Back In The News? I Want To Vomit!

Dear God! The Wanna-Be Antichrist is back?

I just happened to walk past a television set that was on and:

"George W. Bush talks about immigration (oh, he is so compassionate) and that Mitt Romney shuld have followed his wise advise".

THIS WORLD IS CRAZY! Who can take this nonsense seriously?

Do they really think THE ENTIRE WORLD IS STUPID?

George W. Bush? Kind? Compassionate? What? This World-Class Monster?

This is absolutely crazy and DISGUSTING! I want to vomit!


Please Throw Your Television In The Trash!

George W. Bush: The Wanna-Be Antichrist: http://youtu.be/LiT2YKnenO0

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Amazingly, this country re-elected Dubya

Romney had Dubya's neocons as his foreign policy advisers. And Jeb is a potential candidate for 2016. Also, we had a Bush in the White House for 20 out of 28 years (H.W. was VP for 8 years and Pres for 4 while Dubya was Pres for 8) during one stretch. This family has never left us. We need to educate ourselves to their evils though. Please watch the videos below (it's multiple parts) or read the book "Family Of Secrets" by Russ Baker (who is interviewed in the video below).


Get used to it

They are keeping their options open for 2016 and Jeb is on that list, so they parade out the Bush name to see what kind of response it will have.

If you haven't noticed, they do the same thing with movies and their stars.. when a new movie is on the way, they'll run the shit out of past movies with that star in it.. this works on multiple levels of course but one of the reasons is to bring the name back into "water cooler" conversations.

Typical PR.

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You may not like what I have to say but,

The world is coming to an end. Just not like you may think. It is a turning. Many will make it and many will not. The Anti-Christ is in the mirror!

You and I agree on many things and we disagree on many others. This I care nothing of. The world is keeping many, and more are leaving for a new demension.It is not the rapture as most believe, for most do not understand what that truly is.

A new demension is coming and that is a fact. The souls that cleave to the old train of thought will be left with their own kind. Maybe that is a good thing.

I personally could not stand the idea of EVERYONE I meet liking the color Orange, or Blue or Yellow. Everyone ONLY liking carrots and snails . Everyone liking the current despot ruling over you in 2045. Lol! That is what this Turning is bringing about.

The Mayans were right, but the understanding is screwed up. Their calendar is divided into many degrees. We are only in the last of the fourth turning( this is NOT the first time souls have come down to help others move forward). There are many more coming. Energy will be free. Food will be for everyone. It will be the development of the mind. It is already happening.(Indigo Children)( You see this fishy).


I am not picking on you but your understanding of GW and the rest of GOVERNMENT is flawed. GOVERNMENT really means nothing. Didn't you hear the end of the world is coming! LoL!

The government will only last a few more years. When the fall comes, state and local will take over. Then State will fall with no money. Then local communities will help each other. Luckily DEEP THOUGHT will be mainstream by then.

I truly wish you the best Wisdom. Time is drawing near and I personally can't wait. I am ready for the cards to crumble and self reliance and belief in true spirit becomes the norm again. Been there before and this time I am also finding it hard to claw my way back to the source!

Just REMEMBER, We ALL chose to be here at this time in HISTORY! Search your soul for guidance and you will find the way. QUIT relying on MAN and HIS writings. God wrote his words in your heart and most importantly your SOUL. Look for it and DO NOT TRUST a MAN to get you there with their interpretations.


1976-1982 USMC, Having my hands in the soil keeps me from soiling my hands on useless politicians.