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ron paul would never do this


“I heard she lives in Scotland, I thought she was running for Parliament,” Paul quipped to the radio hosts delight. “I think she’d fit right in, in the English Parliament.”

“She’s way damn too liberal for our country, for our state,” he added. “She hates our biggest industry, which is coal. So, I say, good luck bringing the ‘I hate coal’ message to Kentucky.”

“Here’s the other thing. She’s got to get back and forth from Scotland and Kentucky to campaign and they don’t have the Concord anymore. It’s going to be tough.”

Raw Story (http://s.tt/1vZzD)


sorry guys listen to the audio,,,,, he's not much of a comedian,, and comes of sounding bad and arrogant,,,, ron paul would never do this,,,, try to find one example!
furthermore,,,, i hope judd runs and whoops McConnel,,, i can't stand him and his stay his overdue,, time to let younger people who will actually represent the constitutioon and liberty. Not that judd will represent freedom and liberty but neither does he. Benton has also spouted off some crap about judd posted earlier. Judd may be a severe liberal,,,, but at least she is what she claims,,,, as McConnel is a neocon and says one thing does another,,, his bad votes betraying liberty would fill pages
to hear rand bash her to support Conman is bothering to me

i ask you will these statements hurt himself, image and turn people away or add to his admirers????
he should know better
it's this part of rand that bothers me and why i can't back him 100%,,, there's just something about him and seems,,(both me and others here) can exactly figure out what it is,,,, however i feel one day that gut feeling will be vindicated with an i told you so

i would love for her to upset McConnel and send him packing,,, with a good lesson learned,,, i'm sick of pols who think they own seats and fear no consequences
am i alone

Mcconnel or judd???

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You lost me at -SS

I think you are on the wrong site. I'm sure you could do a search and find an Ashley Judd site to go to. Ashley Judd would be a huge mistake for the voters of any state or country. Doesn't matter what anyone in the world does nothing changes that fact.

Rand is losing me more and

Rand is losing me more and more everyday

from economics policy journal

Ralph Nader: Rand Paul has ambition, you see? Ron Paul had no ambition. He had a message; he had a mission. Rand Paul has ambition. He is extremely arrogant. He will not return calls, for example. He will not answer letters.
I couldn’t believe how brazen a lie he uttered to me. I asked him, what did he make of the plight of the Ron Paul delegates at the Republican Convention, who were just arbitrarily not seated — for absolutely no good reason. He said he hadn’t heard anything about it.

Well, he’s a liar. You ought to make that point.

oops forgot the link

Go fuck yourself weasel.

Yes, you shortshit.

Patriot Cell #345,168
I don't respond to emails or pm's.
Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution, inevitable.


can't have my own opinion,,,,
wow that really hurt me,,,weasel,,,, that's it???
wow, mature,, shortshit,,,,, you are what give us a bad name

yeah i don't trust rand,,, and you think these kind of comments will further his appeal,,,, sounds like crap rush or hannity would say

please show me the good doc ever bashing someone like this because they may think differently,, have different views

do we get all mad and bothered when we're called kooks,paulbots ,paultards etc it drives me crazy

rand isn't gonna win any friends like this

don't you remember mcconnel hated rand and was all in with trey grayson

weren't we p-ssed about the aqua budda crap from college and how ridiculous it was

do you think this won't show up at a later date in a campaign ad???

do you think sheeple will view ashley judd,,, "oh that beautiful actress,,, i really like her movies" or rand paul in a better light?

why is rand even bothering with this when it's mcConnel's fight and i doubt he has any loyalty to liberty candidates like rand,,, he'd throw rand down the drain tomorrow if he saw fit

I don't trust him either but you can stop the act.


Patriot Cell #345,168
I don't respond to emails or pm's.
Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution, inevitable.

explain,,,,stop the act???

because face to face i bet we'd get along good
if you saw my house filled with ron paul stuff,,, books, shirts etc you wouldn't question me

xmas ideas for me----ron paul stuff
08 ron paul cola, posters
09 books shirts etc

i visit this site everyday since 08,,not always signed in but everyday
i don't trust rand,,,oh well,,, and yes i'm still a bit bitter about the campaign and olsen, benton and ron paul inc.and how it ended
although without that things would have ended probably the same,,,it still hurts,,, i wish the final hurrah went flawlessly
i guess i thought the dr would never let family tarnish him,,,, especially when rounding 3rd base in his career,,he's above reproach
maybe i put to much trust,,,, forgetting he's human,,, and possibly fallible
throwing peggy freeman and wood to the curb??? doesn't seem like dr paul,,,that sucked come on,,, now kokesh i could see why he may have been a liability,, although he seems to have "cleaned up" as of late

i see how any misstatement will be used for years to come in our new media age
yes i'd rather judd win one seat over a lying,backstabbing neocon....most votes never go down to a difference of one vote,, do you think mcConnel questions how he votes,,,, of course not re-election is automatic----"screw em,, they'll still reelect me",,
at least she would be mindful and fearful if she wanted to survive for a 2nd term,,,,,,,,,,,,,,idealogies aside, what worse a celebrity or entrenched 20 year politician,,, it's a toss up,,both suck

just because i post stuff from left websites doesn't make me a troll,,, for some reason i love to see the other side and get a kick out how they can't see their own hypocrisy and post it to let us know what's out there

i listened to it again,,,, maybe he's not an ass but certainly should have none better

i will say i've never seen such division and nastiness here as when it's a rand topic

ps--- no one can post an example of dr paul doing this,,, that challenge will go unanswered,,, why i like him