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You Guys Are Delusional

if you think that Rand pretending to be a good little neo-conservative is somehow going to get him the presidency. The people that run this country know who his FATHER IS!!! Do you think they are really gonna let a Patriot in wolves clothing get elected?

SHHHH! its da super secret plan lol. Even if mainline conservatives warm up to him more than Ron, all it takes is for a media blitz against him for the brainwashed masses to be done with him.

Look, The Media took the MOST UNPOPULAR CANDIDATE EVER and made him the GOP Nominee. You are gonna sit there and tell me that Rand playing their game is gonna help? THEY OWN THE GAME!!!!!!!

See that strategy would of worked for somebody like George Bush pretending to be pro establishment. Rand and Ron's reputation automatically disqualify them, at least the way things are now.

If there is any hope to be found, its by taking the power away from the msm,the cheating voting machines, and waking people up!

Government needs to be taken back from the local level and up!

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Amen to that!!!! Plus he

Amen to that!!!! Plus he voted for Iran sanctions! He knows how us RP supporters feel about that right? I just don't get it man...

juan maldonado

It's all about creating a boogey man

When I was out campaigning for Ron, lots of the stuff that I came up against was to Paul was. crazy kinda stuff, wont be able to do that to Rand.

That's correct.

That's correct, because he has already positioned himself as a kook.