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Turning Vaccine Refusals Into Teachable Moments (NPR)

Should the government force people to get vaccinations for the public good? All vaccinations? Certain high priority vaccinations?


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basically they just want to kill us

we aren't complying with that directive quick enough to it's time to mandate vein injected poison in the form of vaccines so we can get the ball rolling. Need to hurry up and wipe us out before we do anymore damage to the world that rightfully belongs to them. We are the vermin and they must cull the population greatly to get control of us. With their kingdoms and realms restored, they can lord over those serfs that are left and life will be grand...at least for a few.

Be a good citizen
take your vaccines
become infertile
skip having children and buy a dog
pay your carbon taxes
don't forget to die early
its for the good of the planet you know

I'm not registered to comment,

but if someone would like to add the link to the Israel study on the CDC's page suggesting that vaccination causes people to be asymptomatic carriers.:


Or this one where the CDC admits most of the illnesses occuring in vaccinated children:


Or the world's foremost expert on whooping cough admit that the vaccine makers have not been keeping up with the latest strains.


Or one of my favorite papers from Rockefeller University: Death and the Human Environment which puts your chance of dying of some dread disease in perspective.


Of course, if this were posted on the expert-worshipping NPR site, you'd be accused of being anti-science or some such nonsense.

All hail the builders of the great American public works system!! For you can watch the rates of these diseases drop precipitously when sewer and waterworks are put in.

If only we had kept the NWO and their fluoride out of it....

Creepy control freaks want to police our bodies.

The thought process behind the interview is creepy. Those comments in the comment section were depressing.

I posted to remind people the

I posted to remind people the mentality of those outside the liberty bubble. I get really sad reading this because "the people perish for lack of understanding." The concept here is that we put blind trust in "science", "doctors", "government" and we trust them to take care of us. Like many doctors even knowing antibiotics won't help a patient prescribes them because the patient has a psychological need for them. This is the dependency-abuse cycle that is commonplace in this society and so harmful. I would expect there are always people who need to be taken care of but for an entire nation to require government healthcare? So we have those who need authoritarians to tell them what to do and then they want to be authoritarians too and tell me what I have to do and not only tell me but force me to do it, against my will.

I tried to explain the concept of informed consent on there. The basic ethics of doctor-patient relationship. The physician must be willing to give the intervention (must believe this is best for the patient) and the patient must be willing to receive the treatment. This is absolutely fundamental. If a doctor cannot give a treatment out of conscience or a patient does not want a treatment, the treatment should not be given.

But they argue that the ends justify the means that even if it violated the personal beliefs of both the doctor and the patient, the treatment must be forced upon both. A similar concept as rape. Raping people with vaccines in this case. Whether the vaccine is good for society is not justifiable.