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In all things, Thanks.

The other day I had posted my own personal view about "Ancient Aliens, Reptilians, and Sacred Knowledge."

Through the several day discourse, the conversations became more engaging and sought to further include a vast genre of topics that intertwine by nature.

The recent post, Vortex Math, is a post as a result of the discussions held within my initial post. In that comment section, a friend shared their knowledge about the Solfeggio Frequencies, which happens to be directly related to my Masters Thesis.

So, I wikipedia'd the term and from there I always open new tabs with all the highlighted terms that I do not know about - in doing that, I discovered the Hypersonic Effect - which, is actually not only directly related to my thesis but substantiates the issue of inquiry.

My study is the question of how can invisible frequencies impact the human psychology within architectural spaces - as light, sound, color, and humans have their own unique frequentic properties.

The hypersonic effect is a term coined to describe a phenomenon reported in a controversial scientific study by Tsutomu Oohashi et al.,[3] which supports the idea that although humans cannot consciously hear sounds at frequencies above approximately 20 kHz, the presence or absence of those frequencies has a measurable effect on their physiological and psychological reactions. **Attempts to independently reproduce these results have so far been unsuccessful.**

Exactly, so have the attempts for a Universally accepted Architectural Building. Why? Because the Human Aspect in which we design for is truly a Human Illusion - in which, the human has no idea what really makes them tick in the first place.

Anyways, thanks to the D.P. for making brains bigger!

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"Light, sound, color, and

"Light, sound, color, and humans have their own unique frequentic properties."


I've sent you a more elaborate message via your profile, but for the general audience here.

Egyptian Energy Science: BioGeometry Training Overview (1/9)

Which is an excellent presentation by Dr. Robert J. Gilbert.


Dr Robert Gilbert on The Hundredth Monkey Radio April 8 2012 Hour One.avi

Biogeometry homepage

The Vesica Institute

Have fun reading and learning! :-)

How do I check for your message?

Great links, love to learn!

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