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For all you open border illegal immigrant lovers, illegal immigrant murders little girl punching her in the stomach

This is your basic Obama loving illegal, as well as all the other open border libertarians and neocon Republicans


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Ditto all the comments below

I'm just sorry I was too late to give you the first raspberry...

It's a good thing that

It's a good thing that imaginary line stopped him from killing this girl....wait. I wonder how many LEGAL citizens and immigrants kill people every year....let's weigh it out. It's amazing how pro-market and pro-freedom someone could be until it comes to brown people. Then, all of a sudden, the same person glorifies protectionism to no end.

Your logic makes no sense.

A legal immigrant or American citizen has never murdered anyone?

Why don't you attempt to convince us all that closed borders are good because of reasons A, B, C, D........rather than the Bob Costas approach you just used.

Your title caused me not to even bother with the link.

US sees first ever child abuse case imported by illegal?

First case of child abuse ever, all because they let an illegal alien in the country! I renounce all my beliefs about freedom of movement. Every country should be a prison camp you cannot escape from! Sorry, this is ridiculous.

This is disconnected from reality in many ways.
A) There is no correlation or causal link between the group illegal aliens and child abuse, unless one has been shown, which you'd need to have some evidence to point to, more than 1 case of something that happens many times a year by citizens.
B) You claim that your typical Obama loving illegal (the others don't commit violence?), as well as specifically libertarians for open borders and neocons, are like the child abuser. What connects this case to these groups? Was he any of these things? Or is the implication, if no one was for open borders, no one would be abused? Very confusing what you're actual meaning is.
C) We have very far from open borders as it is. Take the evidence that so many have to ILLEGALLY cross the border, not go through an "open border" without being stopped. So how can something we don't have be the cause of this?
D) Mexico, Guatemala and other countries people migrate from are repressive and corrupt, even more so than our own repressive and corrupt government. I believe one has the right to escape from a place that threatens your life and terrorizes you and your family. Even if there was not a general right to travel, in such a situation as that it is an absolutely necessary right, because it can become the only means of surviving, by running away to a better place.
E) Being for or against having open borders cannot be based on what you think immigrants political views might be. It's inherently oppressive of free thought and speech to restrict border entry based on the person's political views or estimated political leanings of a country such as Mexico. If you don't think the problem is only from the South and you think it's a big problem if Canadians are sneaking over to abuse children, then I would ignore this point.

Good Point

Lets use the same reasoning to justify better border security between the 48 states. That way criminals will only be able to prey on their "own kind". Perhaps counties could do the same. Then towns. Then neighborhoods. Families.


i +1 you just for the title. that cracked me up. didn't read the link though.

You do understand

the logic behind the no-borders theory, right? We've already got tons of borders and this story is proof that they don't work.

If you want to solve the immigration problem, you have to get rid of the magnets: free healthcare, free education, and no taxes. If they want to get into the country, no amount of fences or weapons are going to stop them.

Why not argue controlled borders on its merits?

Your argument is actually a bleeding heart liberal argument, pulling on the heartstrings.

Oh...NOW I get it

So basically what your saying is that IF we have open boarders, THEN immigrants will go around punching little girls in the stomach.

Well, let me be the first to commend you on rigorous and cohesive use of logic.

That said maybe you should, ya know, say that back to yourself a few times. See if it still makes sense. Just to be safe, of course.

- Liberty and Prosperity -

You missed the point

The point is that immigrants should be banned from possessing fists, pending a background-check.

Ĵīɣȩ Ɖåđşŏń

"Fully half the quotations found on the internet are either mis-attributed, or outright fabrications." - Abraham Lincoln


Good one.

- Liberty and Prosperity -