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Ron Paul Yes, Rand Paul No!

Now before I get down voted, I just googled the good Doctor and found this article. Now I know nothing about the writer of the article, but I totally agree with it! If you go to the bottom you'll see all the comments of ppl I feel who are just kissing his ass( Rand Paul)! Anyway I hate when RP supporters say you're never gonna get a perfect politician! Really? Ron Paul was a perfect politician. Why? Because he followed something called the CONSTITUTION!!! Voting for Iran sanctions, isn't following the constitution. Idk why I made this post. Maybe just to vent lol... Any how why do ppl treat Rand different? Shouldn't he be held to such a higher standard? To me it's like being the son of God! Lmao, rand paul is Jesus, well at least to me. Shouldn't he know better? Anyway here's the article http://thehill.com/blogs/pundits-blog/presidential-campaign/...

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What do you do think Thomas

What do you do think Thomas Jefferson would say to Rand about Iran? I mean really guys? He would feel ashamed man! Y'all know it...

juan maldonado

did you even read the article you were citing?

he is attacking rand for obstructing the smooth passing of NDAA, not iran. well he mentioned iran later, but this guy obviously doesn't have his head in the right place. don't cite enemies to support your case, that's disgusting and i don't like disgusting people

He's no attacking Rand for

He's no attacking Rand for that, he's stating Rand loses either way because he's a Paul! The republicans don't trust him and true libertarians don't either! So my question for Rand is what are you doing man? You could of taken over an empire left by your father, but what did you do? Endorsed Romney, voted for Iran sanctions, I mean comeon!

juan maldonado