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Hypothetical Election, 3 Candidates

Hypothetical Election, there are 3 candidates running and ONLY three candidates. Who would you vote for?

Democrat: Barack Obama
Republican: Rand Paul
Libertarian: Gary Johnson (Gary Johnson, in this hypothetical election, is polling below 5% and obviously, as usual, doesn't have a chance in hell of winning, or even coming in close second)

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Dr.Paul, Judge Nap or Tom Woods

Rand only if he denounces Satan and repents of his unholy neocon warmongering ways.

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Rand obviously

Rand obviously

Ventura 2012


Since The Judge is seeking to be drafted.. maybe your question shoule be

The Judge

I think it says

I think it says "hypothetical", which would suggest it has nothing to do with who might actually be in the NEXT ACTUAL election. If it was the next actual election then obviously Obama would not be on the list.

The point is, if there are two liberty leaning candidates, then the people better get behind ONE of them, lest they split the vote and reelect "Obama". The obvious choice would be the Republican candidate as a large portion of the population will support the "R" simply for the reason that the R is an R. They'll support McCain simply because he is an R, they'll support Romney simply because he is an R. They may not even like McCain or Romney, but still they will support the "R".

People can support "Principles" all their lives, but in the end they will be governed by politics, not principles. The Majority rules, not principles.

So what would be preferred? There are not really 3 choices here, only 2. A 3/4 Liberty candidate and a 100% communist candidate, those are the choices. In this hypothetical we can elect Obama outright, split the vote thereby electing Obama, or get behind the (as some see him) Liberty candidate most likely to win.

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You make my point.. as RevPac is petitioning to Draft the Judge now, of course this is an assult on Rand, because it divides the "Liberty Movement", which imo, want to be divided and why they don't join the GOP. They profit off grassroots and the illusion of principle in the game of politics.. low hanging fruit. And we have a lot of that because Ron Paul is such a huge learning curve and the GOP is wearing a mantle of shame which we are a victim, not a perpetrator, though we are accused as such by another political level inside.

It's all about staying in.. no other way to win.

I don't know, did I make your

I don't know, did I make your point, or did you make mine?

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I'm backing Rand

I didn't agree with Ron Paul 100% when I saw his platform in 07.. took me a few years to understand his stands on issues, and I expect that for many.. So.. I see Rand as the candidate, I am GOP and I also expect those who hate the GOP (and want to leave it as it is so they have something to rage against rather than fix) will come up with some MSM talking hed, or someone who has far less power, less to lose than Rand, but has all their principles.. not intelligence about how to stay in the game politically or how much effort it actually takes (sign waving does not count).

Ever see the folm Occupy Revealed.. Andrew Beirbart's last film? It would be really easy to do the same thing with the Liberty Movement. If I was a folm maker, producer, I would do it.

Judge Nap hands down! With

Judge Nap hands down! With Amash as VP. :)

Btw, the Judge is not seeking to be drafted, REVPac is seeking to draft him. If the Judge were seeking it I'd have to think twice. Like we drafted RP to run this last time, I'd prefer someone we had to draft to take the job, rather than someone who is seeking that power.

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You're about about RevPAC seeking the draft

No one drafted Ron Paul in 07 (ROP Kent Snyder)

The thionk the Judge is perfect for those who prefer the rEVOLution remain marginalized and on the level of OWS.

I'm going to stick with the guy who wants the office bad enough to atually fight for it.

Did you see this? http://www.dailypaul.com/265457/draft-the-judge

It would depend on which Rand

The Rand of 8 months ago or the Rand that's keeping me guessing currently.

I like Rand more than Gary but Rand is making me scratch my head lately.


I would actually buy into the anybody but Obama slogan if those were the candidates. I'd probably vote for Rand, but I would be happy with either.

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I would stay home like I did

I would stay home like I did this year.

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