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Ron Paul: The Film - A Powerful Message of Freedom, Liberty, and Anti NWO

So now this is essentially Ron Paul’s Farewell 2.0. It’s a film because his farewell address was about his life and about where this country is going and the choice we have. So it really is Ron Paul: The Film.

We struggled with the name for it: “Ron Paul’s Farewell Address Documented,” “Ron Paul’s Farewell Address Animated,” “Ron Paul’s Farewell Address Illustrated and Documented,” call it what you will.

We give you “Ron Paul: The Film,” because he condensed down his thirty plus years of fighting tyranny into this incredibly important and profound warning that if we don’t turn things around, we are in deep, deep trouble and are going to repeat history



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Most people who harp about the 'NWO'

tend to disagree with libetarianism and free trade and embrace statism and protectionism.

I don't see that

Maybe I'm not understanding what you are saying?

I oppose the UN Agenda 21: Sustainable Development. I believe global corporate government is enslaving a world to poverty and death, so I think that makes me a "harper".

I joined the Libertarian party in 76, became an Indy on 93 and Ron Paul convinced me to become a RepubliCAN, and now I'm an established RepubliCAN who with Tea Party, Earthquakers and Fiscal Conservatives, reject a NWO, Global Corporate Government under the UN Agenda 21. We prefer Freedom 21 and restoring the Republic so we can do better than sustain, but thrive.

Alex tried but, nothing is

Alex tried but, nothing is going to give Ron Paul's speaking ability the punch it needs. Many said if he would only change his foreign policy! I believe if he could deliver a speech he would have won. Ron has never been a great speaker. Even with this speech full of very important substance it is painful to set through the whole thing. Nice try Alex but, I doubt it will help as it is still painful to set through (maybe more so tossing yourself into it!)

First, get Alex Jones a throat drop or a cough drop

Second, thanks Alex for treating me like a baby that needs a picture book to understand Ron Paul's speech. I got it the first time and am rather insulted by you talking to me like I'm in 2nd grade.

Not impressed....go find some fluoride or some dude worshiping an owl...that's your expertise. Oh, and don't forget the bull horn!

For Freedom!
The World is my country, all mankind is my brethren, to do good is my religion.

Great post dex,

I'm with you 100% and you brought up a good point.

It is insulting.


And yes, I too think the name of this thread ought to be changed.

The "nwo" label is a complete turn off to me - it's so passe and so AJ and does not compliment
Ron at all. I see it as negative and it takes away from the essence of the speech.

Ron Paul is My President

Thanks Sunny

I know folks are into Aj here and that's cool but you hit it right on the head. Ron Paul is a Statesman and should never be used as a tool to promote a radio jockeys agenda .

I'm not in denial, things are not looking good but at least Dr Paul gives me hope.

Ron Paul is putting his money where his mouth is and is campaigning and recruiting for Liberty.

For Freedom!
The World is my country, all mankind is my brethren, to do good is my religion.

Yes, Dex,

he is a Statesman and the the greatest Statesman in the history of our country. And he goes about his business of educating us all with such grace and dignity about individual Liberty. Everything he speaks of is for now and the future and at the same time are timeless truths.

There will not ever be another Dr. Ron Paul. We are witnessing the life and works of an extraordinary, special and yet humble man. God Bless him!

And that to me is why his glorious speech needs to stand alone.

Ron Paul is My President

A prophet

My hero
History will look back and say he was special.

And he lived in our time....

For Freedom!
The World is my country, all mankind is my brethren, to do good is my religion.

gang: the term NWO, or anti-NWO repels folks!!!

Just like 9/11 truth has Alex Jones' name written all over it, and so does NWO....

If we want to gain any traction or credibility, then we need to keep harping on the Peter Schiff economic mathematical arguments, and even Statesmanship in our public officials.

Right now we are being castigated as radical libertarians(pro-gay, pro-abortion, pro-pot) looking for a home in the Republican Party, since Ron Paul was a Republican...the John Lennon anti-war, "imagine no religion, no heaven or hell" is equally damaging our demands for fiscal restraint and an abolition of fractional reserve banking, cronyism, and the whole mess above and beyond the middle east interfence etc.(like education, making insurance companies into government utilities, statism etc).

The Barry Golwater rantings were reasonable, about government being too big..."I am a Ron Paul Republican" in any upcoming races for office will also marginalize any of us as candidates moving forward, so we need to each expose our opponents wreckless records as perpetuating big government that we can no longer afford and we need to stick with that, and stop campaigning for Ron Paul; he is no longer a candidate...

I Applaud the Effort...

...but the video editor did a pretty terrible job, IMO. It's mostly pics of Ron Paul and then scenes of cities and nature. What does any of that have to do with what Dr. Paul was saying? The problem with this is that it detracts from the view count of the original video and this makes it look like nobody is paying attention to what the good doctor is saying.

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Re: "repackaging" Dr. RonPaul's historical farewell speech.

Just as with his What If speech, which was repackaged with a few different flavors & graphics, some exquisitely and, unfortunately, some with questionable artistic caliber, I look forward to seeing many attempts by talented RonPaulian artists & videographers to present the speech in many forms, always pointing the audience to the ORIGINAL one.

And yes, I don't consider this particular one by AJ to be the most artistic definitive one, even though I do appreciate his effort to spread the speech beyond the die-hard RonPaul supporters ;-)

We will take what we can get...

but i tend to agree that this video doesn't do much justice. You would figure AJ could do better than this. I will give him an E for effort. This one bellow is by far one of the best i have ever seen. I,m still to this very day blown away by it and for the life of me i cannot understand why he is not our President right now. Very frustrating to know America passed this guy up in times like these...Mind numbing to say the least....I only hope that those who did not embrace this man and his message reap the worst of whats to come.... Reap the Whirlwind M-Fckers.... REAP IT !..........


"If ever time should come, when vain and aspiring men shall possess the highest seats in Government, our country will stand in need of its experienced patriots to prevent its ruin."
Samuel Adams

this is just in poor taste

Aj was never a big paul fan either. I had to stop it five minutes in so it wouldn't ruin the memory.

Love some

Ron Paul Revere!

The quick answer

i don't like it. i saw it earlier today.

This a magnificent speech and now it's been exploited and sensationalized
to make it seem cheap.

I prefer The Good Doctor and just him speaking.

Why could he not just leave it alone?

Ron Paul is My President

I would have believed that you would have spoken kindly of

AJ's video....However, I could understand how much easier it would be to criticise it because you really don't like Alex Jones...

I'm wondering, If someone you looked kindly toward had made it in the same way as Alex Jones, would you still find fault with it?

Just sayin..

No, Earl I do not like AJ.

and yet, I do not think it would have made a difference here.

I could just repeat what I wrote above although, there is no need.

I'll take a beautiful speech by this magnificent man all by itself. The Good Doctor standing
alone in his wisdom on the House floor is how I will always want to remember this
historic speech.

Ron Paul is My President

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If Alex J manages to get many of his vast audience, who

might have missed the original speech on the Congressional floor, listen to Dr. Ron's memorable speech by repackaging it, I'm all for it.

For US, of course, the unabridged ORIGINAL is as good as gold :-) But for many perhaps the dramatized introduction & a shortened version is needed and helpful.

Exactly sunny.


I didn't care for it either.

I thought that it could have been done a lot better too. Great music, pan shots, better visibility on the news clips, etc. I understand AJ did it thus the logo, but this is Dr. Paul.

I have the original unedited speech, but for the average person who is unaware, there is no way they would ever sit through even half of it.

I will hold out until a better version comes along. I don't want to alienate dems and the establishment who are immediately turned off by Alex, or even Ron. This is too important and I don't to muck up any opportunities.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

The Chinese are coming

Earlier posts said Dr. Paul is like a modern day Paul Rivere, and the British are coming. I agree that someone's coming, However, I believe
The Chinese are who's really coming and they will be extracting that POUND OF FLESH that Dr. Paul spoke about...China is our Banker, and the Repo Man will eventually come "A KNOCKING".
It wasn't Afghanistan that brought down the Soviet empire, it was an irresponsible government, just like what exists in Amerika today.
Russia is loaded with tons of natural resources and is doing better than many other societies with their natural resources.
So, Why did they collapse? It was a government that refused to see the writing on the wall...much like what Washinton is doing today.
Most Soviets and former U.S.S.R countries are expecting this to happen very soon. They know what's coming and Putin will wait until the opportune time to invade the middle east, when it happens.
Just my $0.02 worth.

Good video

I like the video and Alex Jones, but Infowars needs to change it's name to something a little more normal I guess. I don't know it just sounds like a video game from the 1990's. Anyways good video.

I feel SO LUCKY to have been alive at the same time as RP

There are many interesting, unique, popular, and extra-ordinary people alive today, but if I could sit down to dinner with anyone I've ever known about in my 49 years, Dr Paul would be my guest...Hands down, no question about it!

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Tell you what.

Tell you what.

Let's just do it, some day.

I'll make sure it's on me. We'll just need to have our availability follow his.

I still have a lot to share with him, and thank him for. No doubt you have, too.


"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius

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Seriously - there needs to be a movie

...and it should be named "PRESIDENT PAUL".
Imagine - As the movie begins you would see a full stadium with the poeple chanting..."president Paul", then you would go straight to Fox news saying that Ron Paul is unelectable.

The British are coming.

Dr. Paul is the modern day Paul Revere. I wish more people would listen.

dave anderson

Distribute This Film Far and Wide... Big Bump!

Ron Paul is timeless and the best is yet to come!

Alex Jones does it again !

If Ron Paul runs in 2016, this film may be the catalyst that ignites the next phase of our peaceful Revolutionary War...For liberty!

The next Ron Paul brochure..lets do this!

Ron Paul 2.0 and beyond!


for morning

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very cool


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Where are the Anti Alex Jones trolls?

This was a great video! Right on Alex Jones. For those trolls that attack AJ can u please tell me how this video supports your argument that AJ is working for the other side?