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Tyranny from the fire department?

I'm trying to pick the brains of the DP crowd. As a volunteer fireman, I have had to consider this possible scenario, and I don't want to be a tyrant.

In some of the drier areas of the country, the local governments issue "burn bans" during dry and/or windy conditions. Sometimes burn bans are issued for air quality reasons during inversion or stagnant air conditions.

As a lover of liberty, my "freedom first" philosophy kicks in and I oppose bans of any sort. As long as my right to burn on my property doesn't infringe on my neighbor's rights, then no victim, no crime.

If someone is burning on their own land, should the fire department have a right to march onto their property, against their wishes, and put out the fire, even if there was a burn ban in place? What if this occurred during a dry season with increasing winds?

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It beats criminal charges of reckless endangerment

Libertarian isn't the same as lawless. I believe in everyone's Second Amendment right to own full auto machine guns, but that's not a right to use them in a dangerous manner.

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I admire that you are contemplating right and wrong

Already above and beyond most people in this world. Personally I would say it is not your "property" if you cannot do with it as you please, so it would be wrong to interfere.
However... I would also say that freedom ONLY works when people are held responsible for their actions. I.e. If they burn down their neighbors property, will the courts hold them accountable for damages? I'm not familiar with the protocol for such situations in our backwards society.
I do not like the idea of preventative law, as this is how all unjust laws are justified. For instance, just because you are afraid someone will do something stupid if they are free to do so could justify locking everyone away in cages. But, given our rediculous "justice system", people may not be held responsible for their actions, and that makes this situation more muddled. Sorry, I don't see a clear cut answer, but if it were me I probably wouldn't interfere.

I live in North East

I live in North East Tennessee..really close the southwest Virginia border. People burn constantly over there. And Do so without the thought that it could catch the whole mountain on fire or get way out of hand during drought conditions. It honestly would be better for the fire department to come put out the fire before it burns down every neighbors house within 25 miles. They don't randomly put don't burn order in. And if it's been raining and the conditions are not dry..Then hey, have a hay day.

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