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Choosing a more worthy battle and not tearing down Rand Paul.

Dont we have bigger fish to fry? We should be seeking out and destroying the people who have really wronged us. Like Harry Reid for not allowing audit the fed, or Graham and McCain for pushing NDAA,or Rubio, Paul Ryan, and Boehner for being corrupt neocon keynesian RINO leaders.

Just saying, its easy to try and burn a man (Rand) you feel that you and others have a significant amount of power over ( which we do collectively).

Try and bring those we dont have power over to their knees for their various crimes. Rand, Amash, Mike Lee and other liberty folk in congress are a shining light in a sea of turds. Yet we sit hear day after day eating our own when there is people like Rubio to feast on.

Im not saying agree with Rand 100%. But what I am saying is fight someone worth fighting. Picking on Rand is somewhat ridiculous to me considering all the other fools who are a thousand times worse.

What would Ron say about this if you were personally having a conversation with him about his son? He doesnt deserve our baseless and unfounded rath for not being a cookie cutter image of his father.

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For Liberty!

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I agree that people should stop focusing on & attacking Rand

Instead I think that libertarians for the most part should just ignore him. He's proven to be a disappointment but oh well, not everyone is going to live up to the bar set by those who came before them. It's not like he's the most evil guy in the world, just another rank & file politician. We just need to regroup and strategize. Personally I think it's now time to migrate to the Libertarian party and inject more real Austro-libertarianism principles into it. I would think that would be a lot easier than trying to do so with the republican party.