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University Uses Tesla Technology to Wirelessly Charge Electric Bus

Activist Post | December 5, 2012

Utah State University presented a first-of-its-kind electric bus that is charged through wireless charging technology in a demonstration Nov. 15.

The Aggie Bus rolled onto the streets carrying passengers today; just 16 months after USU demonstrated the first high-power, high-efficiency wireless power transfer system capable of transferring enough energy to quickly charge an electric vehicle.

In July 2011, the USU Research Foundation demonstrated 90 percent electrical transfer efficiency of five kilowatts over an air gap of 10 inches.

The demonstration validated that electric vehicles can efficiently be charged with wireless technology.

read more http://theintelhub.com/2012/12/05/university-uses-tesla-tech...

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so neat!

Interesting. Thanks for posting!

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul

I know everyone

here really digs this wireless energy stuff - but there are a lot of health concerns in this area. EMF pollution has real health consequences that most people are unaware of.

Everything uses Tesla technology

What doesn't use Tesla technology? Tesla technology is everywhere, everyone uses it everyday... the person who made the article needs to read this: http://theoatmeal.com/comics/tesla

Haha awesome! And this:


Ordering one NOW!

"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience"—Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

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I only want to hear about Tesla if..

I only want to hear about Tesla if his questionable and controversial claims are shown to be true and/or if someone is using them.

So; avoiding the details that others posted (below), I am disappointed in the title of this article, since there is nothing new regarding Tesla's work.

That aside, it is great to see tangible progress away from breathing bus fumes and toward electric vehicles.

P.S. Movie title: "Who Killed the Electric Car?" See it, if you haven't yet.

Video, TV, & Movies? Really?

I would have filed this under Science & Tech

some context...

Cool technology but it's not new and isn't the same thing as Tesla's mythical wireless power system-

Almost two years ago Fulton released a similar wireless charging system for the Tesla Roadster-




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Tesla's Wireless Energy Colorado Experiement in 1899

That's 113 year old technology. In Tesla's Colorado Experiment, he could light up 10,000 watts of light bulbs, miles away.

At Wardenclyffe in 1901-1917, he broadcast Wireless Energy 25 miles. Publicly, he was able to broadcast energy to West Point, from Long Island, also miles away.

1975 NASA JPL Goldstone Demo of 1 Mile Wireless Power Transmission at an Efficiency of 82%.

"Wireless Power Transmission ... By Direct (EMP), Radio (HAARP), Laser, Microwave or with Relays (Radome's/NexRad)"

Nice video

But there's nothing revolutionary or secret about microwave power transmission. It's now being used/developed for space solar tech-

Okay, being that they can do this..

What keeps them from making such a device as was promoted by Tesla for harnessing power naturally to propel his automobile?

Great video on zero point.


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I don't respond to emails or pm's.
Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution, inevitable.

umm, the oil cartel.

they need to keep the world using oil to support demand for FRNs.

why do you think all of these types of discoveries are classified? they would overturn the current power structure.

JP Morgan banned Tesla from the Media after 1919!

JP Morgan bought all 25 of the major newspapers in 1915-1917 in order to "affect Policy through Propaganda". After Tesla released his Autobiography in 1919, Tesla was banned from the media. In 1962, the UN Partial Nuclear Test Ban Treaty, BANNED all nuclear testing above ground, including Nucleo-Magnetic Spacecraft, Tesla's Lighting Capture Device & his Cosmic Motor.

Tesla specifically mentions that the "COSMIC MOTOR" he developed in 1931, used NUCLEAR MATERIAL (IN THE BLACK BOX) + SUNLIGHT (or Synthetic Sunlight, ie: 12 (X-Ray) Vacuum Tubes he describes). He also claims a "Cold Fusion" effect. The Antennae he describes, may just be a cover story for the media, after all, driving for 8 days, up to 90 miles an hour, he's going to need a radio.

1KG of RADON releases 1.21 Trillion Watts when exposed to Sunlight or a Magnetic Field. The Negatively Charged Alpha Particles are used to run his AC Induction Motor (Still used in the Tesla Motors' cars today), the Positive Gamma rays released in Beta Decay are blocked by the Lead, Black Box. He also found that Lithium is a good material, since it's 100% recyclable & 100% rechargeable. (Yes, people prescribed Lithium, are Walking Batteries!!)

(Similar Effects are described when the Arc of the Covenant was exposed to Sunlight, also theorized as the Power Source for the Egyptian Pyramids)(The combination of Lighting/Magnetic Field, hitting Radon (Emanating from the Granite interior or the Arc of the Covenant)... PLUS Water (H2O) from the Nile, releases a H (Hydrogen) atom & "Laughing Gas" (NO2).

(So I think the Egyptians thought it was so funny, that they forgot to write down how they built the things :))

July 4th, 1917, JP Morgan, Waldorf & Astors(AC360) Blows Up Tesla's Tower for $1500 in Scrap.

Tesla's last official Patents come in 1918, the Lighting Capture Device, more efficient and works according to nature, as opposed to the Franklin device that is mostly used today.

Tesla's Lightning Protector used "RADON", a nuclear material, emanating from Granite, to actually "CAPTURE" the Lighting. The Lightning's EMF caused the RADON to break down into a lesser nuclear material, releasing Alpha Particles. Tesla also claims in the Patent, that he could "ATTRACT" the Lighting. NASA ADMITS today, that you only need a 150 foot step-down, to Capture Lighting to THE GRID, but DENY the ability to direct lighting.

(Have you ever seen Back to the Future? With the Nuclear-Magnetic Craft (Nuclear-Ion Fission/Fusion drive), powered by a 1.21 JiggaWatt lighting strike, to go "Back to the Future"?)

(The average Lightning Strike is 1-10 Trillion Watts. If the Lighting Strikes were maintained for even .1 of a second, it converts to up-to 277,777 Kilo-Watt/Hrs)

1932 - "Tesla believed that these neutron (the Neutrino) particles were responsible for all radioactive reactions"

Nice. Thank you. :)


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I don't respond to emails or pm's.
Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution, inevitable.

Very encouraging

to see that there is an enlightened segment of the American population who are laying the foundation for the post collapse Renaissance of America.

Gerald Celente has forecast the rebirth of America and has included remarks about breakthroughs in technology that will power the revival of the American economy.

Celente has a banner hanging on his office building heralding the American Renaissance as having begun.


By the way

My comments are not entirely directed at the person who posted this article. It was an honest mistake. I'm just sick of all the "WOWZ TESLA FREE ENERGY MACHINE SOLVES WORLD HUNGER!" nonsense that takes place here.

- Liberty and Prosperity -

Please keep posting.

Please keep posting. Don't be discouraged. I'm interested in a lot of the topics posted here but I find myself arguing against things I like due to the poor level of critical thinking, promotion of myths and bad information etc.

As an aside, downvoting comments should be reserved for spam/malicious/bad info etc. If someone disagrees with a comment, they should reply why they disagree. Instead of downvoting anything that goes against the consensus.

Why do you keep bumping this

Why do you keep bumping this post? Half of the comments are from you. No one was even saying anything, let alone anything like this "WOWZ TESLA FREE ENERGY MACHINE SOLVES WORLD HUNGER!"


You can't count. I'm not suprised actually. As I explained ( can you not read either? ) my frustration lied with other posters constantly enganging in said annoying behavior. Here's one example that's trending on DP right now: http://www.dailypaul.com/265313/vortex-math-you-have-got-to-... Oh and here's another: http://www.dailypaul.com/265178/a-world-view-altered-by-tesl...

You should head over there, I hear they don't care about things like science...and facts. You'd like it.

- Liberty and Prosperity -

I just looked at your profile

I just looked at your profile and noticed that almost every single one of your comments is either derogatory or trying to pick a fight. Why are you here?


I'm sure you've read through over a year's worth of content, and decided it was all derogatory. What you're saying totally makes sense.

- Liberty and Prosperity -

Thank you Bob

For posting this most encouraging news.

"Its easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled."
Mark Twain

Stop with the Tesla nonsense already...

I'm almost postive Michael Faraday discovered the principle of magnetic induction. Tesla invented the first practical INDUCTION MOTOR. Difference.

The motor on the bus very likely operates on the AC induction motor principle, but the method of charging the batteries has nothing to do with Tesla. Tesla did have a scheme involving the transmission of wireless energy, but it was long distance ( think ten miles ) and has nothing to do with the technology shown in this video.

Honestly I don't know why Tesla is constantly invoked on this website as some kind of diety who invented everything. It's a shame his legacy and story is so grossly obfuscated by people pushing pseudo-science and new age spiritualism.

There is no doubt that Tesla made huge advances in the fields of mechanical and electrical engineering. However; he was not a wizard or some kind of demigod. He was wrong about many things, and suffered from acute mental illness late in life.

No one who's seriously studied Tesla's life would disagree that he was actively conspired against by both th US government and his peers in academia. However; I don't see the point in making him out to be something he wasn't, or falsely attributing achievments to him. It's counter-productive, and stupid. Please stop.

Thank you.

- Liberty and Prosperity -

HAHAHA, I find your post

HAHAHA, I find your post quite comical. You state, "No one who's seriously studied Tesla's life would disagree that he was actively conspired against by both th US government and his peers in academia." Sounds an awful lot like someone we all know doesn't it? Then you also wonder why he is talked about on THIS site. Hmmmmm? That's a tough one.

Well now that you mention it

What I wonder about is why people attribute discoveries to Tesla that preceeded him by almost a hundred years.

I also wonder why people blindly accept psuedo-science from charlatans with no credentials.

I wonder why people with ( apparently ) no understanding of basic electromagnetism and physics seem very sure of themselves.

I wonder why people who haven't even bothered to read primary sources written either by or about Nikola Tesla seem to somehow know everything about him.

I also wonder what the point of lying about it is. It seems to really not accomplish anything except to perpetuate myths.

But increasingly I wonder why I'm even bothering.

- Liberty and Prosperity -

What me worry?

Someone posted vortex math a few days ago and it is a kind of fun non political diversion. With that one it seemed like the odd number bases stuck to the circle wall when doubled and the even numbered bases bounced and repeated. Base ten didn't seem that magical, but I must admit not carrying out base progressions too far.

I find it fun to look at these things. Is the Universe just pretty patterns? Is Binney just a charlatan plant to scare us? Can the government manage all paths of communication? Does Verizon really listen to couch flatulence?

I enjoy this site.

I'll take my Liberty, it's not yours to give.

What's wrong with

What's wrong with perpetuating myths?

He was wrong about many things,

could you provide a list?


Inter planetary communcation, long distance wireless power transmission, x-rays, ether physics, particle physics, wave physics, physics in general, non-aero dynamic flight, relativity, consummation of war, eugenics, etc etc.

Point is, he was genius - but not a god. Which is how alot of people on this website portray him. Again he didn't discover magnetic induction or AC current. That was Michael Faraday. His contribution had to do with polyphase AC transmission which is entirely different.

Again, what is the point of all this? His works and contributions stand on their own. Why lie/exaggerate about it? Or better yet, why not actually read up on primary documents either written by him or people who worked with him? That would be more useful than blindly accepting what a bunch of new-age charlatans have to say about him.

- Liberty and Prosperity -