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Conservative Lutheran Pastor is a Ron Paul supporter.

Hey guys, guess what jewel I found in my study of theology. Yup, a Pastor who is based out of Chicago who is a Ron Paul supporter!!!! His name is Jonathan Fisk. He graduated a year after my Pastor. (LCMS Pastors tend to know one another ;) )

A little background on him. A Democratic mayor of Philadelphia, where he was called at the time, had in his mind that he was going to get rid of all the poor people in the city. To do so, however, he had to shut down our food kitchen which he served. The mayor of Philadelphia came close to saying that all poor people should starve to death rather than be fed (that compassionate liberal Democrat for you). He threatened to go out on carts and abandon the building they were using. I do believe the mayor backed down after this. Man, this guy is hardcore.

He talks about unsustainable wars and also gives an explicit endorsement of Paul (during the primary I might add). Enjoy.

Also, he combats the very philosophy that is destroying our culture, Post-Modernism. The last time this philosophy was super popular, it was in a country called Germany during the 30s.


Note the video title has nothing to do with the contents of the video, but deals with free speech. (except at the end when he is addressing a commenter)

Anyways, I wanted to pop in with another Lutheran update. Keep strong guys. I am completely divorced about the current controversies. Suffice it to say, I am waiting for a future world where none of this is going to be a problem. My studies on the Book of Concord are going great. I feel this is where I belong (though there are times where it is hard). Keep it up guys.

In God's Peace,

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