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Americans are the Most Spied on People in World History

Americans are the Most Spied on People in World History

More Spying On Citizens than in Stasi East Germany:

Indeed, the American government has more information on the average American than Stalin had on Russians, Hitler had on German citizens, or any other government has ever had on its people. ...


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It's sickening!


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While this is quite disturbing

And Americans should be infuriated, let's keep in mind the whole technology thing. It is easier for our government to spy on us than it was for Hitler or Stalin because of technology. That does not make it right of course, but the comparison lacks a major factor.

Of course, still a very discouraging article.

A group of pandas is called an embarrassment. Sometimes Chris Cudnoski is called an embarrassment. Coincidence?....hmmm....

The ultimate result of it is what matters.

The ultimate result will be mass murder by government.

There are zero historical exceptions to this.

That's the point.

The bible explains why that must be.

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"The bible explains why that must be.", what?


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There are several related themes.

Why does the government want to track you? To use things you've said or done against you at some point. It's a form of control.

In the Christian world, we believe in repentance and redemption of souls. In other words, that people can change and be forgiven. That is the way of Christ.

The way of Satan is to remove free agency through control. There is no forgiveness of sins. Anything you have ever said or done can and will be used against you FOREVER.

Can your "sins" ever be erased from a government database? Never.

For children born today who will be a Senator or Representative or President in 40 or 50 years, what form of control will the Executive Branch have over those candidates with anything they have ever said or done on record in a searchable database? Is that conducive to freedom? Can anything ever be "forgiven?"

A second concept is the numbering of human flesh like cattle. What is the purpose of doing this? Is it to promote free agency and the salvation of souls? Quite the opposite. It is to "manage" the herd. It is to presume the power of God to ultimately determine who is "worthy" of life and who should die.

Only the beast wants this control. It is 100% antithetical to God's plan.

Since evil exists in the world, if you understand the principles and stories from the Bible, what that evil does is extremely predictable.

This is just a sampling of what one can take from the Bible. There are many, many more threads to explore on this issue.