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Our Government is ramping up the targeting of Veterans to take away their weapons

There is no longer even a pretense of Constitutionality in their agenda.
How can they discriminate against a certain class of citizens unless they can with hold benefits. Step one, separate the class's.

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Many of us have been waiting

Many of us have been waiting for this. They can try but I guarantee it will get very ugly.

No it won't...

It will be done on an individual basis with the police showing up at the third house on the left, enacting their protocol to the protests of the inhabitant and the guns will be summarily confiscated for the benefit of human and community safety...all to the sound of a mere individual whimper...and witnessed by the inquisitive faces of those in the neighborhood who have been titillated enough to come outside to "see what's up".

In the cases wherein "more than a whimper" is heard, the inhabitant will be summarily arrested and carted off. In a case or two, a fire fight will ensue wherein incredibly asymmetrical fire-power will be brought to bare on the occupant and he'll succumb to such with his life or limb...a lesson that will be taught to the rest of us on a nationwide scale, ad-infinitum, by the national media through the effective demonization of the occupant via skillfully delivered accusatory language. Rest assured that that the occupant will be impaired, deranged, or part of an anti-government right wing group. But most importantly, he will be alone and naked in the face of the power of the state...with no succor in sight.

As to the "more than a whimper-yet not escalated to violence" cases, wherein the occupant boards himself in, in some defensive stance, the local news reports MIGHT cover he story by echoing the party line and through the effective demonization of the occupant via skillfully delivered accusatory language that paints the occupant as impaired, deranged, or part of an anti-government right wing group...or there will be no "coverage" at all.

In either event, upon the inevitable ubiquitous culmination of the story seen in the carting off of the occupant in hand-cuffs (or a body bag), and whether or not the story comes to the attention of more than just the neighbors standing on the curbs, the story will quickly disappear from public consciousness as the newest installment of Monday Night Football or Dancing With the Stars is impending, and as the confiscations continue. No one "acting under orders" will turn from their directive nor will anyone ever have to "pay" for what ensues...other than the occupant.

Many weapons were taken in New Orleans...and never seen again...all to the acquiescence of the citizenry. Say hello to ugliness...also known as powerlessness. I don't own any guns as I am not a hunter, nor have I found the need for them in my life. But, if I were a gun owner, and "the Government" decided that I could no longer own it and thereby show up at my door to request I turn it over, I'd be hard pressed to believe that somehow pragmatism, or my survival instincts would give way to emotion and I'd place myself willingly in a meat grinder that I'd have little chance and no help in escaping unscathed.

Power and resistance, as we all well know from our history, comes from, and is dependent upon, like-mindedness and mutual defense in the face of power and aggression. I see no evidence that this is a state that will exist in this country any time soon. Maybe I'm wrong...but I don't think so. Ask a German Jew circa. 1939 how it all works...

Good luck if you are a gun owner or obstinate towards power.

Wha? .....hey....who stole my country?

My sentiments exactly

I've said all along the Government will turn the populace against gun owners by treating them as they would pedophiles. They've already got the urban areas and are steadily progressing on their "separate and conquer" strategy in the rest of the country. Imagine taking a certain class of individuals, much as they are singling out Veterans here, and stating they can not possess firearms due to the preponderance of violent crime committed by their class or race. What an uproar that would create yet I don't hear a whimper from the media on this.

There are no politicians or bankers in foxholes.

Veterans are perceived as a

Veterans are perceived as a real threat to the Govt. They understand the military tactics that could be used against us, and are trained to defend against them. With the amount of wars we are in overseas, eventually we will be left with only women, children, the elderly, and veterans for our defense. They are attacking the ones who they believe would put up the biggest fight against the growing tyranny.

Blessings )o(

Perhaps they fear a repat of the Battle of Athens, TN

on a much larger scale.

Natural Balance

The irony is, the more wars we conduct back-to-back, the more veterans there are (even with the losses). It won't be long before the Commander in Cheif realizes he's out-manned.

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