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Draft The Judge

Liberty Movement now has the opportunity for a presidential candidate.. DRAFT THE JUDGE sign the petition

Though I am backing Rand Paul, I welcome more voices and choices.

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I signed whether or not

Napolitano wants to run. Just supporting him gives the libertarian platform more exposure.

Judge will not run.

He said it himself. He does not want to vet his private life to the public.

As goes America, so goes the world.

I am Canadian and I am hoping for Judge Napolitano, Ron Paul, Rand Paul for the sake of the world. We need some honest leaders who are not just there to make the elite richer.

Would a President Rand

Would a President Rand nominate Judge Nap as either AG or to the SCOTUS?

End The Fed!
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Draft The Judge - Judge Andrew Napolitano!

I believe that we should do whatever we can to prop our own candidate. Win or lose, it will give huge momentum and expand our base.

As it was done with Ron, I will do the same with Judge. I signed the petition, and will work on a flyer.

For those with facebook and twitter, would you please do the honor of hashtag? Judge Nap 2016!

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

Thank you Granger! I signed

Thank you Granger! I signed it. I'd love to know where I can see the number of current signatures though . .. anyone???

Blessings )o(

I looked

BNut I admit, I can't find the sum.

Ok but

How would the judge declare himself a republican? is it as simple as that or would he have to run as a 3rd party

Anyone signing the petition?


I did!


Ron Paul convert from the Heart of Dixie

The only way

I wouldn't vote for the Judge for president is if Ron himself was running. But if Tom Woods was running I'd have some serious thinking to do. Not that it'll happen, but there's a choice I'd love to have to make.

No. We need a sitting US Senator or sitting Governor.

No other position has a recent reputation for winning the presidency.


The Judge and/or Edwin Vieira should be nominated as AG and then promoted to Supreme Court Justice ASAP.


I am all for it. HOWEVER, the Judge said Rand should run...

and there is NO way I would support that.

The Judge is awesome!!!


Just saw an email w/ this in my Gmail spam filter...

not sure why it's there but hells yes I completely agree w/ this!

The Judge is truly the only person (that I know of) that everyone in the Liberty movement could get behind that isn't Ron. Some folks have problems w/ Rand, some w/ Schiff, some w/ Amash. But the Judge? Flawless. :)

who has problems with Amash?

He's very genuine, consistent, and follows his understanding of the constitution. He's very liberty minded and has done an impressive job during his first term. I'd love to see him on a ticket!

No Problems With Amash

I think very highly of Justin Amash. Napolitano/Amash! Wow! That would be awesome!

Edgar Morgan

So would I, Lukapaka.

But, I don't think it's his time. Too soon. Name recognition is one problem. The other is one of bigotry, which still alive and well in America.

Andrew Napolitano would be my first choice at this point in time. Should he have Justin Amash as his running mate, I'd be excited about the wonderfull, hopefull prospects for our country.

BTW, ProudAmericanFirst is working on a campaign to get the info on Amash out to the general public right now, so there is some hope for the future. You might want to check out some of her comments and link to her Amash flier and start distributing it in your area.

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