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Ron Paul: Fiscal Cliff is "Nonsense"; We Will See "11th Hour Compromise"

By Swagato Chakravorty
Thursday, December 6th, 2012

Congressman Ron Paul asserts that the hoopla over the ‘fiscal cliff’ is just that and nothing more.

Bob Adelmann from the New American quotes Mr. Paul:

“The hysteria surrounding the January 1 deadline for the Budget Control Act’s spending cuts and expiration of the Bush tax cuts seems all too familiar. Even the language is predictably hysterical: if government reduces planned spending increases by even a tiny amount, the economy will go over a “fiscal cliff.” This is nonsense.”

Whether or not the fraught contest is, as he calls it, “another congressionally-manufactured crisis which will likely end in yet another 11th hour compromise,” matters in D.C. are getting serious.

In a quick exchange over the past few weeks, House Speaker Boehner countered an earlier Presidential plan with one put forward by the Republicans.


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