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Re-hire the Conservatives and Fire the Speaker

A grave injustice has been done, and a failure needs to be addressed. The heavily Republican Oklahoma Congressional Delegation is positioned nicely to make a huge impact. They can advance the cause of conservative government - which is something they all ran for office claiming they would do. Now is the time to act, and stand, and be counted. First, the injustice:

Four Congressmen have been removed from positions because of their conservative positions. This was something the GOP leadership apparently had a problem with. Representatives Justin Amash (R-Michigan) and Tim Huelskamp (R-Kansas) were removed from the Budget Committee. Representatives Walter Jones and (R-North Carolina) and David Schweikert (R-Arizona) were removed from the Financial Services Committee. Here is an article from Red State about this purge, and the records of these men. Fortunately, Oklahoma has some influence on the committee that makes these decisions.

Newly elected to the Chair of the House Policy Committee is Oklahoma's 5th District Representative James Lankford (McCarville Report story on that here). By virtue of this position he is on the Steering Committee for the GOP House Conference. Former Chair of the National Republican Congressional Committee Tom Cole, representing Oklahoma's 4th Congressional District, is also on the Steering Committee. Representative Frank Lucas - from Oklahoma's 3rd Congressional District - has been renamed Chairman of the House Agricultural Committee, a position of great influence (there are only 19 spots such as the one he holds). These three men in particular have major influence on their colleagues. Representatives Lankford and Cole, in particular, are on the actual committee (the Steering Committee) responsible for this attack on conservatives, and should do all in their power to reverse this and future purges of those who would uphold our Republican Platform.

The second item - the failure - is one of leadership, and it is the leadership of Speaker John Boehner. In addition to the above mentioned purge of conservatives, under his leadership our party has also lost part of it's majority in the House. There is also the matter of his epic incompetence in fighting the agenda of the President. Most recently he has failed to adequately fight the battle of the so-called fiscal cliff. It is time for a real conservative who will stand against the tide of Statism and lead the members of the House into a future that follows our platform - smaller government, lower taxes, and more freedom. This is most definitely not happening with the current Speaker.

Oklahoma has five Representatives in the House. In the next Congress, they will all be Republicans. Add to the above listed members James Bridenstine (1st Congressional District) and Markwayne Mullin (2nd Congressional District), also both professed conservatives. All of these men will vote for a new Speaker of the House in January. To be elected Speaker takes 218 votes. There will be 234 GOP members in the 113th Congress. It only takes 17 defections to block John Boenher. Please read this article from for more. Our delegation has it in their power to shift the direction of the GOP back to fiscal conservatism. They should take such a step.

To be sure, such an action is extremely risky. So be it. Such actions will result in the significant loss of influence should it fail, which means less federal dollars for a Congressman's District and State. We all know the day is coming when the borrowed dollars will stop coming anyway. We are sick of Congress attempting to bribe us with our own and/or borrowed money. It is time to stop the borrowing. Time to stop the madness. It is time to fire the Speaker.

Representative James Bridenstine (campaign office) 918-877-0252
Representative-elect Markwayne Mullin (campaign office) 918-869-9118
Representative Frank Lucas 202-225-5565
Representative Tom Cole 202-225-6165
Representative James Lankford - 202-225-2132

Give them a call and let them know what you think.

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Fidelity to the "Republican

Fidelity to the "Republican platform" should NOT be the basis for reinstatement. Rather, fidelity to the original intent of the US Constitution should be the basis for reinstatement. Notice how Rand Paul is now saying that Republicans should let the Democrats raise taxes so the Democrats would have to bear total responsibility for doing so. Unlike his dad, Ron, Rand is playing politics at the expense of the American taxpayer. ABOLISH political parties NOW!

Steve Dickson's picture

I disagree.

You have completely missed the point. The Speaker has removed 4 people. He claims to be conservative - and these would be considered very conservative people by most Republicans. I will therefore call him out for his hypocrisy. I am building a case for why he should no longer be speaker.

Ranting about abolishing the political parties is a waste of time. Try showing up at every single meeting they have, and BECOME the GOP. This is part of the path to victory - it is also the only way you will get your wish.

You are insulting Rep. Justin Amash and Walter Jones

Justin Amash said that he and the others were purged for wanting to work with Democrats for Defense Cuts,

Drastically cut Military waste & Fire Speaker Boehner replacing him with a Defense Cut signer

Speaker John Boehner is for Defense Pork as he bargains to cut the Federal Budget

There is a bipartisan letter calling for major defense cuts including members kicked off the Budget Committee.

Justin Amash who was kicked off the Budget Committee, and claimed that the he along with three other purged members were cut for wanting Defense Cuts,

Insist on only a good bargain not one that starts with small painful savings in the near future and more only down the road like changing the retirement age. A person just reaching Age 64 facing an unfair part of the not making the country any less likely to end up with currency collapse. Demand that the House fire House Speaker Boehner and replace him from among the 11 signers of the letter for defense cuts.

In Philly PA RichardKanePA

leave the GOP & leave the Democratic Party ... 9AM TOMORROW

if you haven't noticed ... the GOP are hell-bent on purging all r3volution people and ANYONE WHO EVEN DARES TO question their "authori-tay"


o what's the difference between you and them?

You appear hell bent on helping them purge ourselves.

the difference is

... i know a lost cause and a total wasted effort when i see one. To hell with ALL parties with the exception of the new non-organization the Liberty Party. You will not 'take over' the GOP. You will be cheated yet again in 2014, cheated in 2016, cheated in 2018, cheated in 2020, cheated in 2022 . . . and so forth. GET OUT of the GOP now, leave the Democrooks, leave the Libertarian Party too. Fuck 'em all...

After 33 years of third party and Indy experience

I disagree with you.

I think Ron Paul KNOWS what he is doing, and this is a FIGHT, one that you are apathetic and unwilling to participate.