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Rand Paul warns Paul Ryan that purges could hurt a Prez bid? (Video)

Mark K. Lewis | Daily Caller
3:31 PM 12/06/2012

Appearing on the Peter Schiff Show today, Sen. Rand Paul seemed to take a swing at Rep. Paul Ryan.

When asked about the conservative House Members who were purged from committee assignments earlier this week, Paul said it was because they voted against Ryan’s budget — which he called ”the Republican establishment budget.”

At the end of the segment, Paul warned, “I don’t know if any of these people want to run for president — maybe they’re going to have to explain why they wanted to purge people from their committees who believe in balancing the budget.”

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"Comrade in arms." Schiff

"Comrade in arms." Schiff said it at the very end...

Seriously, Peter? You should know better not to use such a word.

Geeshlaweese. Where am I right now, Moscow?

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.

I'd love for nothing more

I'd love for nothing more than for this whole purge thing to somehow come back on Paul Ryan. That would be great, and that would show his true "fiscal conservative" nature.


thats very astute.
i also think jeb bush was the one who reeled in rubio and somewhere jeb will want to run for prez or at least he wants to.
they all lust after the power over our lives.
to me this is the most despicable trait on earth

"OH NO! He has a SON?" Neoconservatives and Liberals EVERYWHERE!

Rand Paul 2016


I'm glad Peter made the point that Marco Rubio's speech reminded him of Dubya. It's my theory that Rubio is under the thumb of the Bush family. I'm guessing he's their puppet and they support him w/ their vast network. Also, I think the Bush family was either very influential on Romney (those neocon foreign policy advisers from Duyba's administration) or, at the very least, they have similar goals.

I still encourage people to read the book "Family Of Secrets" by Russ Baker. Below is an interview Mr. Baker gave about the book.

Blowing Chunks - Carnegie doing great stuff with wealth

Was it not the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace that the Reece committee of 1953 exposed had the three pronged goal to subvert America? Not that Carnegie was directly involved at that point. Bill Gates' depopulation foundation - yeah, that's great humanitarian work.

But I must be one of those pesky realists that Jack Hunter speaks of.

The true patriots in Congress have been purged since the banking cartel hijacked this country. Charles Lindbergh (grandson murdered) Louis McFadden (poisoned) Senator Brandagee (suicided?) Larry McDonald (KAL007) etc.....

You betcha, RM

Truly spectacular endorsements Rand has put forth. Here is Norman Dodd explaining the real purpose of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace.

And here are two videos on Bill Gates' eugenics goals: