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Obama’s Coronation Will Cost Taxpayers Over $100 Million

Obama’s Coronation Will Cost Taxpayers Over $100 Million

Daniel Halper
Weekly Standard
December 6, 2012

Stephen Dinan reports that "Because next year's inauguration falls on a Sunday, President Obama will hold only a small, private swearing-in ceremony on Jan. 20, and will hold a big public redo the next day.

The Inaugural Committee announced Thursday that activities will last three days: a day of service on Saturday, the small private ceremony on Sunday, and the public swearing-in, parade and balls on Monday."

What's the show going to cost? If the cost of recent past inaugurations are any indication, well over $100 million.

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Please let there be a sleet storm

I will be praying a large sleet storm blows in during the inauguration and shuts down all the subways and roads.