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Ten Likely 2016 Republican Presidential Candidates

Assuming that president Obama doesn't turn the 22nd Amendment flat on its head and go FDR on us by running for a third term, who will Hillary Clinton run against in 2016?

The early GOP contenders...

Rand Paul
Ted Cruz
Paul Ryan
Jeb Bush
Marco Rubio
John Kasich
Rob Portman
Bobby Jindal
Condoleezza Rice
Chris Christie


Any other suggestions? Ron Paul will be 81 years old in 2016, so I do not think he will be spending his time running for president again.

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Ron Paul 2016... Get use to it!

The whole subject of 'who' is irrelevant to liberty!

Forget naming names and showing faces, putting up signs and playing follow the leader! That simply guarantees the status quo establishment again, and again, and again!

The only subject relevant to freedom and liberty is issues, and the problems they solve for your hearer... door to door till 2016!

From that brush-fire will emerge the most sound of public servants! Every time!

A humble Constitutional free America over any party... and all of America will come to your party!

We have an army large enough now to open those doors in every precinct across America! The elite corporate fascists will be stunned. The CFR can do nothing to stop truth!

They know this. They are already in panic mode!

Congressman Ron Paul has bequeathed, nearly single-handedly, the most formidable force for truth, freedom, and constitutional liberty, the world has ever seen. There is no need to meet the founders, for you have seen, heard, shaken hands with him already!

Nothing can stop such ideas except the sin of the people themselves!

Nothing can stop the spread of this brush fire but the failure of we the people to ignite.

Nothing is more ignorant than to expect the present congress to follow Dr. Paul's lead!

Congress blathers their way through hearings which will in time be looked back on, not with interest, but as irrelevant to any solution which could have changed the outcome of fiscal and political failure!

At this point, and Dr. Paul has been telling you this over and over, only a return to truth, door to door, will focus attention on the only solution calculated to turn the ship of fiscal liberty and political freedom, 180 degrees the other direction!

One painful look at Congress in action confirms, that all else, all but our own action, is irrelevant to our temporal salvation!

May the Lord God of our fathers and founders keep us all!

Just to elaborate... I think the top 5 contenders will be...

1.Jeb Bush
2.Chris Christie
3.Rand Paul
4.Jim DeMint
5.Marco Rubio

..in that order. I predict the establishment will create the illusion that it's a tight race between Bush & Christie and then eventually Christie will bow out.

Rubio obviously at the bottom of the list because we all know that he is not eligible. He was born to immigrants not American citizens; therefore, his children will be eligible but he is not. Ted Cruz way too new to the game. And Bobby Jindal faded out back in 2009-10; he's been done.

Unlike Ron Paul, Rand's got some real tough competition. Ron Paul's competition were a bunch of clowns which makes the defeat all the more agonizing. I gotta say, Rand's got a tough fight : /

...and if Rand wins he'll probably have to face off against Hillary! Ugh. : \

If they want the Dems...

...to win again, Jeb Bush would be their new puppet. Many Repubs I know don't like the Bush family. I have heard that Daddy Bush is among one of the most dangerous men in the world. A Bush would be a guaranteed loss.

It was never about what many republicans think.

Winning is never part of the plan for the GOP establishment. It's control. Bush tanking to Billary would give them easy assured control of America for another 4 yrs.

From your comment it appears you already know (but I'll say it anyway)...it's really just one party--the Globalists!


Kinda like Ted Turner and Rupert Murdoch. They are both part of the Globalist system, but they always try to out do each other. It's just like a game of chess to them and they use the people like the pawns.

Non of your top five interest me


the whole lot of them

make me sick.

and i am not an an ageist: RON PAUL/Amash 2016

They don't interest me either... Note: It's not my top 5 favs

They don't interest me either (with the exception of Rand Paul).

It's not MY top 5 favorites. It's the top 5 that I believe will be realistically fighting it out.

If I could choose...

...the Judge would be top on the list...period!!!

I'd love to see the Judge

I'd love to see the Judge build up some voting credibility in the legislative branch by running for Congress or Senate in NJ. But I know he loves his paycheck at Fox. So he's not gonna budge : (

Maybe one day...when he retires from Fox News. Until then, I'll keep watching his legal analysis on Fox News. (actually I watch him on youtube, heh,heh)

Huntsman might try again.

Huntsman might try again.

Only the acceptance of the truth can defeat systemic evil.

I'm going to add

Sarah Palin to that group.

Taking Cruz out, not in Senate long enough for Repubs.

Don't count out DeMint or even Mike Lee

Yep, seems right.

I would support everyone on that list EXCEPT BOOOSH, Rice, Christie (Sir Circumference) and Portman.

I also see DeMint eyeing it...so watch for him.

Paul/DeMint 2016

Dr. Condoleeza Rice is viewed

Dr. Condoleeza Rice is viewed by many as being a neocon...just because she served under GWB. But what intrigues me most about her is the knowledge and expertise she has pertaining to Russia...Dr. Rice knows more about the Russian KGB than all of us here combined. She is a very smart woman!

I have to be objective here...Rand Paul is going to have his hands full tyring to defeat a conservative black female candidate in Condoleeza Rice.

Let's be honest with ourselves...think politically, not emotionally...the Dems are going to run Hillary, so wouldn't it be wise to run a conservative African American woman against her?

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.

I could never vote for someone with

this life goal: "She is passionate about football and often states that she would someday like to become the commissioner of the National Football League." http://www.answers.com/topic/condoleezza-rice

I'm serious. George Bush was a sports fanatic. His adviser Karen Hughes was a sports fanatic. Condoleeza Rice is. Wanting to stay fit is one thing. This fanaticism with televised competitive sports is the same mentality of all who say things like America is #1, or will be #1 again, WHERE #1 means something that can be measured materially, by somehow "winning" vs. others, rather than #1 in terms of our having the best Constitution, i.e., Constitutionally-protected freedoms, #1 in terms of something virtuous.

(I disagree with your assessment of C.R. But I don't understand the downvotes on your "post" here. All you did was throw something out there, something on a lot of peoples' minds.)

When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe.
~ John Muir

Condi is a liar! And she IS

Condi is a liar! And she IS for all practical purposes, a neocon! Why do we shower such immense praise on any African American who is smart? Smarts don't equal wisdom.

She is very smart, but...

...that doesn't mean she is on our side. Hitler was very smart but he was evil.

Rice sucks


Yeah, Ron likely won't run, but he's the only one I can say

TODAY I'd for sure support.

I'm focused on earlier races.

Integrity means having to say things that people don't want to hear & especially to say things that the regime doesnt want to hear -RonPaul

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