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Rand Paul: We Should Let Dems Raise Taxes And Then Let Them Own It

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that's actually neither here

that's actually neither here nor there, we can't base base our values and policies around our perception of what the majority wants. Its not a mobocracy. If the majority were for war or for the Fed, wouldn't we still fight for what's right?

Does the majority have any conception of civil liberties whatsoever? Its our job as guardians of the Constitution to protect the people in spite of themselves sometimes.

Ventura 2012


That was fairly irrelevant. There are different ways to fight for what is right. We don't live in some utopian dream where all the American citizens magically realize what policies work and what policies do not work on their own, they need very clear examples. By asking whether the point is to get more Republicans elected or to lower taxes you missed my point entirely. Obviously the goal is lowering taxes, but how you get there is what is being debated. Taxes are going to go up--that is just an inevitable fact--so the question becomes whether we want our representatives to share in the tax hike by negotiating and compromising, or do we want them to stand aside and let the people who want to raise taxes implement their plan in its entirety without watering it down. Because once the economy gets worse, only with the latter will our representatives completely escape blame and have clearly proven an ideological point to the American public.

Right, in other words

Right, in other words collapse the economy worse than it otherwise would if they actually negotiate. You don't play with people's livelihoods like that.

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Because the economic collapse would be soooo much less severe if taxes were only raised to 37% and not 40%.

Yes, these things add up.

Yes, these things add up.

Ventura 2012

Who Cares

who is to blame. people need to recognize that both sides are the same.