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Al Gore criticizes Obama on Global Warming, and he's super serial. (Video)

In a speech introducing New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg on Thursday at the New York League of Conservation Voters, former Vice President Al Gore took President Barack Obama to task for his handling of the environment.

Gore also blamed global warming for Hurricane Sandy, which devastated parts of New Jersey and New York. (RELATED: Gore writes that Sandy was a ‘disturbing sign of things to come’)

“On a national level, to use a computer term — our democracy has been hacked,” Gore said. “It no longer functions as it is intended to — to serve the public interests. And when the large carbon polluters and their ideological allies tell the members of Congress to jump, they do say, ‘How high?’ And we need leadership in the executive branch as well."

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lol the the post title

Every time I think Al Gore is gone, he comes back into the news. Doesn't he realize how irrelevant he is?

Al Gore just won't go away

His Global warming crusade is getting old!