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What happens if Tim Scott takes DeMint's chair? Who fills Scott's chair?

Hello All,

Nikki Haley is going to decide what to do for this empty Senator seat. There may be a temporary to fill in the seat; however, Congressman Tim Scott, House of Representatives District 1, seems popular to fill in this Senator seat leaving District 1 open. One of Tim Scott's offices is right down the road for me, so the job can still be at home at times. I am 25 yeras old, graduated from The Citadel, and have been swept from my feet by Dr. Paul's movement. I have little experience of the job, but would like to perfect my knowlege on The Constitution and do what's right for Liberty. Even though I have little experience, I couldn't be any worse than the oath breakers who hold office today. I figure if this is a goverment by the people, why couldn't an average Joe like me step up as a patriot. What are the steps to acheive this? It seems like a slim chance but it would be worth a shot. Right? Comments?

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I live in the 4th district of

I live in the 4th district of South Carolina. If that congressional seat opens up, let us know, and I'll absolutely send money over there. And if I can, my time. Anything to get more Liberty supporters elected.

The Citadel

I was accepted at The Citadel in 1974. Long story short: I didn't have the money. If it weren't for recommendations from my parish priest, congressman and a USMC general, my 3.45 GPA wouldn't have even gotten me accepted.

Please don't take this wrong, for I admire your accomplishment. If you're a 25 yr. old graduate of The Citadel, aren't you still in the military? I know that I would have had to accept a commission and promise 4 years of active duty service, and 2 years reserve.

Sorry that my post strayed from your topic, but you you've piqued my curiosity.


(I thought I was wrong once, but I was mistaken)


I am not in the military. I thought about it and could be possible when I go to dental school in the near future.

you have to go door to door

you have to go door to door and get 10,000 emails and then raise 2 million to win. can you do that?!?!?

you're not old enough

according to the Constitution which we know and love, you are not old enough to be a Senator. You must be 30 years old.

Article 1, section 3.


I think

he's talking about the open House seat that would appear if Tim Scott is appointed the Senator.


Just had to post this somewhere. Since 2007 since so many of us have been super active in all fields of liberty. Now, it seems like all the big dogs are on our side and we have the numbers.

Onwards for liberty!

Of course you should!

I only remember Tom Davis coming out for Ron and I'd love it if he picked up that seat. But hell yes man (or woman), you should go for it! :)

Absolutely. If that seat

Absolutely. If that seat opens up, go for it.



if you want go for it id donate if i lived down there for liberty : )

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