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Burglar Calls 911 to Save Him From Gun Wielding Homeowner


A suspected burglar called 911 after the owner of the home he broke into caught and held him at gunpoint.

The suspect, Christopher Moore, placed the emergency call in Springtown, Texas, during the botched burglary attempt early Tuesday after James Gerow, the homeowner, and Gerow's son pointed guns at him as he sat in his pickup truck parked in the driveway.

"I'm out in the country somewhere," Moore told the 911 operator during the 10-minute call. "Some guy's got a gun on me."

Gerow's wife, Lindy, placed a concurrent call to 911 that confirmed Moore's account.


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I'm confused.

"If he gets out of the truck, shoot him in the legs," James Gerow told his son. ""You ain't gotta kill him—just shoot him in the legs"

... .... so why the hell didn't the guy just shoot the burglar a few times in the chest? I'm gonna assume it's ONLY because he was already outside of the house, unarmed, and not a threat, so it might be harder to justify legally. But then technically so is threatening to shoot him in the legs right?

Maybe just put three or four in his chest and call it a day. :)

Because some people still

Because some people still believe it is wrong to kill. Just because youre legally able to do it doesnt make it ok.


Especially when the burglar was not a threat anymore.
You don't kill a man, even a criminal, when he is no longer a threat to you !

The father's reaction was appropriate. The burglar was warned that if he tried to escape (non lethal) force would be used against him.

This is great. Got me

This is great. Got me laughing. There should be a whole lot more of this..