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Gary Franchi responds to Rev PAC money being wasted. (VIDEO)

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I really think there needs to be a full and open investigation of Jesse Benton and Rand Paul so the truth may be known and for all to see. So that the Liberty movement can offically move forward and those who still followed Paul inc. will remember the words of Dr. Paul himself and follow the message.


Kudos to Franchi

Nothing like stepping up and clearing the air to... well... clear the air. Wonder why Benton never did anything like this?

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

All of you Gary Franchi critics that don't know

what the hell you are talking about need to slow down and look deeper.

Jesse Benton didn't squelch the racism card permanently on Dr.Paul
Gary Franchi did.

The Compassion of Dr. Ron Paul

The Compassion Of Dr. Ron Paul: Ron Paul's Reaction

Why this is happening now.Character assassination because Gary is dangerous to the powers that be.
The Real Reason Why Gary Franchi Is Getting Attacked

All the RevPac FEC Filings in pdf format.

November 6th 2012 I voted for Dr.Ron Paul
"We must remember, elections are short-term efforts. Revolutions are long-term projects." ~ Ron Paul

Is Franchi a Republican?

Somehow, I don't think so.

Interesting question i'd never thought to ask

Now if I was gonna take a guess at his response it would be along the lines of the partisan sham and the illusion of choice. Most of us know this, all of us know this. But I was there for the history and can say more.

Aaron decided to support Ron Paul and he dedicated his organization (all of us at the time) to support him with our WHOLE HEART AND STRENGTH. And this was not a "popular" decision, it was a dictatorial one on his part. Top-down was Aaron's style. What else do you expect from a tough Brooklyn jew turned into a Hollywood film producer and director?


Now again for anyone in the game at that time, THE HUE AND CRY WENT UP AND CONTINUED LIKE HOWLING WOLVES AT NIGHT, ALL NIGHT, EVERY NIGHT because the movie AFTF drew in UNPRECEDENTED AMOUNTS OF LEFTISTS AND CROSSOVERS. A success unrivalled in history since Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. himself.

But we lost a LOT of blood in that fight. That very nearly destroyed AFTF and RTR right there. Lines were drawn, friends became enemies, that feeling we had of family and forward momentum was broken and only a percentage came through it intact as an organization.

So now I can in fact speak for both me and Gary. Personally we support the RP effort but even if we weren't, we are both DUTY BOUND TO DO SO. We promised our bro, we gave our oaths. If I don't uphold this oath, Gary can call me on it and if I don't feel he is upholding this oath, I can call him on it.

We did not promise to uphold the GOP. We promised to uphold Ron Paul's presidential bids. And as of the RNC, this promise is discharged. We have done as we promised as regards Dr. Paul and the movement. Now we move forward with the other aspects of our promise. And I like you highly doubt you will see us married to the GOP in the future.

A very long response from one old activist to another.


Most of those who think so actually don't and most of those who think sew actually rip.

Even more interesting response

//Aaron decided to support Ron Paul and he dedicated his organization (all of us at the time) to support him with our WHOLE HEART AND STRENGTH.//

I got that message in 07, but there was no way in Hell, Heaven or Earth could I see myself, my 16 years in the LP and 17 as an Indy, FIGHTING in several states with Nader for open ballots and debates FOR Indy's and third parties. All we ever got was law suits, and I thought, with this huge surge in Indy voter registration, Ron Paul should go for it, especially when Kent Snyder died. But RP didn't leave the GOP.. and it bothered me because as activists, we had so much to offer him.

When he made his second bid, I joined the GOP.. and I wish I had the talent to convey to people what I saw.. I saw the genius, Paul, Benton, Snyder.. Tate.. whoever came up with the idea to take the GOP was brilliant, and I would not have seen it, had I not: "...decided to support Ron Paul ... with my WHOLE HEART AND STRENGTH" To me, that meant, join the GOP. And I have been rewarded for it, and so has everyone who had the honor the become a national Republican delegate, whether we are able to fully appreciate it, based on our wounds from this good fight. I have wounds, we all do, Aaron, Franchi, GOP or not.

//because the movie AFTF drew in UNPRECEDENTED AMOUNTS OF LEFTISTS AND CROSSOVERS. A success unrivalled in history since Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. himself.//

Because I volunteered for Nader's campaigns, some might mistake those Libertarians like me (Raimondo) from the left.. but we went Indy, "Decline to State party"/ No Party Preferance, to cross the lines, "Crash the Party", fight the duopoly for more choices and voices,, as a Libertarian I was fed up feeling controlled by the GOP and Clinton's stolen election in 92, was the last straw for me.. I worked with Indy's and people from many different third parties. All we got were law suits. We were censored, abused to the point, in all honesty, Ron Paul's campaign was a cake walk by comparison. To me, it was unprecedented Amounts of Americans who crossed over to come together to fight the "duopoly". Many of the friendly acquaintences I had that were socialists, communists, Greens, Peace and Freedom, were not happy that I chose to help Ron Paul rather than Nader in 07. I did give Nader my 4th vote in 08, but I had supported Ron Paul, just not the GOP.

//So now I can in fact speak for both me and Gary. Personally we support the RP effort but even if we weren't,//

The RP effort... It was my understanding that Kent Snyder is who got Ron Paul to make a run for president in 07/08. I was asked to join the GOP by the campaign(Jeff Greenspan), and I refused. I regret that. The RP effort was to take the GOP, since many are shells occupied by gatekeepers, that if people began showing up, it would be simple/easy to take.. but seems people would rather complain than, get with "the effort".

What was "the effort" to you? Surely more than a message, after all, AR, GF, GJ, TW, PS, TJ, TMOT.. ect all have messages.. it was not the message as much as the INTEGRITY of RP and his ability to stay in the game as long as he did that awed people. His mesage is not easy to understand, and "the effort" in a huge learning curve. Amazing how far he got this past election..

//we are both DUTY BOUND TO DO SO. We promised our bro, we gave our oaths. If I don't uphold this oath, Gary can call me on it and if I don't feel he is upholding this oath, I can call him on it.//

So what does this mean? You join the GOP and get with the "RP effort"? You see to me, who did not know Aaron, it was a really loss and shame that he passed away, because he was a strong voice with AFTF. Would he have joined the GOP? Was he a Republican? What could you possible call each other on other than that? Promoting other's messages, such as P.A.U.L. Fest? Which I don't see as part of the "RP effort", but rather profit off the principles of the well meaning but politically nieve and agitited public.

//We did not promise to uphold the GOP.//

I signed a loyalty oath to the GOP to get my seat, and I voted for Romney, knowing the GOP fought us to lose, ran Romney to lose, because they are a small club of bullies who need to be removed (Democrat Party is a huge group of bullies, and much much harder to work with). I don't feel like I'm "upholding the GOP". I feel like I'm fighting the GOP to secure "liberty candidates".. those who have the goal to RESTORE THE REPUBLIC.. but that is not the goal of Franchi.. it may have been Aaron's.. I don't know.. but that is not the goal of the P.AU.L. Fest.. it's just a circus and that is not what I thought AR was all about. I took AR as being genuine, not an opportunist for those who put principles above intelligent principles, considering the players in this battle for the Republic.

//highly doubt you will see us married to the GOP in the future.//

I don't considered myself married to the GOP, but I do respect my elected seat and hope to spend the next two years materializing Ron Paul's message with the other Ron Paul Republicans I have come to enjoy working with.

If it wasn't so much fun being with the RP RepubliCANs, I'm sure apathy would wreck havock with me because the GOP doesn't want us, but truth is, they need help finding their way back whether they like it or not.. so it is a good fight. The shame being we spend more time fighting those who refuse to join the GOP than the GOP.

MN has said that this is a tough bunch.. and they have been attacking Rand, Benton, Tate, even Ron.. but they all USE Mrs Paul as a "link", as if Mrs Paul is the message.

I did not know that all the things I did as grassroots, I can do as a GOP, even better, easier.. I would have never guessed.. but I was never GOP before.. the only idea I had was from MSM, and what others said. Now I know the truth, and I am not afraid, or angry, but very pleased with the "RP effort" because we are winning, despite those who fight us while claiming to believe in Ron Paul.

Thank you for sharing your history, and I enjoyed Russo's work, yet under his conditions, would have gladly remained a fan rather than work for him. I'm still a fan.

Well now is as good a time as any to say

that I admire you woman, you got more balls than most men. And we have some things in common. I was a registered Green, voted for Nader and I consider myself to be partially genetically hippy. It's kinda mixed in there with my indian blood (and Puerto Rican I guess) so Winona, well I just loved her.

Remember Donahue getting all drunk and doing that ripping convention speech? Kind of a career breaker for him but I thought that was funnier than sheep dip.

Yer a born fighter gal and I think I love ya for it. If you ever come through Northern Arizona maybe see if you can break a day or too loose and see what the nature is like around here. Relax for a bit. I think that'd be all right. Nothing and nobody to fight here hon, it's all natural.

Most of those who think so actually don't and most of those who think sew actually rip.

What a small world

y great Uncle Ben was a mayor of Flagstaff a century ago http://www.fs.usda.gov/recarea/coconino/recreation/recarea/?...

So happend I wound up in Flagstaff in 72.. wound up staying a few weeks in the Mountains studying seperate realities with a native tribe who traded buttons.

Wait i think you picked that one up by osmosis or something

you are thinking I am a Bennet. I'm not. My family is of no account compared to them and there's not a drop of blood between us. I will say it's rather flattering to be confused with one of the oldest and most respected non native names in Arizona. I know some Bennets. They world hard and their reputation is well deserved.

So you were either at Hopi or Dinet'ah. Both very good places to be.

So honored one, tell me something. Is there a time and a place to put down the fight?

Is there such a thing as relax? How about you come out here and find out.

Most of those who think so actually don't and most of those who think sew actually rip.


Ben Doney is part of my paternal family tree that began in the colony's as an indentured slave, Edward Doney.. age 2.. was made a free man when he was 35.. it's a very interesting family to follow through history and there are many North American Tribes connected to the name, the most today is in Montana, blackfoot.

Thank you for the invitation, but I'm going to tske a raincheck.. I'm going to Los Angeles next week.. I think May is a great time to visit AZ.

Gary Franchi responds to Rev PAC money wasted by getting wasted

Gary Franchi responds to Rev PAC money being wasted by leaving his wife for a 21 year old stripper, buying a convertible sports car, getting a gat and a crew, burying his face in blow and screaming SO LONG SUCKERS into the camera like an angry powdered donut. Franchi is reportedly on his way to Vegas to join in talks with MC Hammer and Vanilla ice, the objective being an all new fashion line with the sole intent to being back parachute pants. In the words of Franchi, "it's time baby, it's time".

(edit) oh come on stop negging me you humourless ninnygigs. I just PMd the above to Gary as a joke. Let's lighten this up guys, it looks like yet another issue some of us are just gonna have to agree to disagree on. There's no law in my book that you have to like Gary or think his stuff is good. And that single factor don't stop you from being good with me.

Having said that, I have credible evidence that everything I said above is absotively and posolutely factually and insubstantially correct. Mother Goose.

Most of those who think so actually don't and most of those who think sew actually rip.

Everything I saw during the

Everything I saw during the election season that was put out by REVPAC seemed very high quality. Putting out those types of products does not come cheap. I am actually surprised that they did so much with just 1 million dollars. Everybody complaining so much about a million dollars reminds me of Dr. Evil from Austin Powers threatening to hold the world hostage for 1 million dollars. A million dollars is just not what it used to be.



I really am amazed at the people trying to defend Gary Franchi; it's a little confusing. Can someone please watch this video and try to explain to me how you could sleep at night after defending Franchi's actions of taking our money to make absolute garbage like this?


It would be OK if he was just stealing the money for himself and his friends and that's all. We could just write him off as a regular scumbag. But he's actually spending the money on slandering the future of the movement, just for revenge on those who refuse to work with scam artists.

(Remember his heroic stand to keep Amash from endorsing Romney?

The allegations are all completely true. Gary's pie chart's "administrative" wedge doesn't include the hundreds of thousands of dollars Gary paid himself, his companies, and his friends' companies. Bringing up random examples of the 17% of the money he did spend for Dr. Paul doesn't change the fact that he took 83% for himself. And bringing up anything at all about Romney's PACs or Jesse Benton makes you sound dumb and Gary look guilty as all hell.

What's clear is you are out to get Gary

For days now. Since this story broke.

May I ask how much you donated to REVOLUTION PAC? How much exactly do you claim to be defrauded of?

See most of us who supported REVOLUTION PAC knew Gary and pretty much knew exactly what he was gonna do and how he was gonna go about it. See you are amazed because you don't know the history. And I guess you didn't know how well known and respected Gary is among us.

Thanks for helping keep this bumped!

Most of those who think so actually don't and most of those who think sew actually rip.


I may not be among the top inside donors. The way you present how it went down, though, maybe if I had given more money and was closer to the action, I would have been given an opportunity to get in on the scam.

I'm not wasting my time just to attack Gary. I think I would be justified if I were, but I'm not. I'm on here asking basic questions (which you refuse to answer or acknowledge) because I see Gary as not just a mooch, but an actual obstacle to the future of the movement. It is clear that there are good, principled people on here who still think Gary is the bees' knees. I'm simply trying to get them to explain to me how a principled advocate of Liberty could see that Rand hit piece by Gary and then come on here defending his actions.

You can either answer anything I brought up in my comment above, or you can continue to distract from Gary's indefensible actions by bringing up allegations against Benton or accusing me of having a personal vendetta. Up to you.

OK top link

Watching it now. So far Gary is correct: that is a common tactic. Were you fooled by Tucker Carlson showing up at RP events with prostitutes? And I find Gary's questions in this legit: perhaps not an outright attempt at blackmail but still possibly stupid.

For a second there you had me scared Gary had outright accused Rand of using prostitutes but no such thing is there alleged.

However I never saw you attacking Gary before this on these grounds. All I see you doing now is trying to generate conflict using this and all available events and resources. And now your motive is clear.

You think Gary is bad for the movement. So you will use this and any occasion to attack him. OK. Got that. Many people thought Aaron Russo was bad for the movement but we persevered under worse assaults. See,


Most of those who think so actually don't and most of those who think sew actually rip.

Was Rand Paul Blackmailed by Bilderberg?

"It appears, that may just be." - Gary Franchi

"Given the Senator's recent endorsement of Mitt Romney that sparked a firestorm of debate, one can only draw the conclusion that the Freshman Senator was purposely placed in the venue to ensure that he votes the party line." - Gary Franchi


It's true that I do think he's bad for the movement. It's not true that I am unwilling to admit I might be wrong about this. I'm here asking questions of Gary's supporters. Thank you for attempting to address the top link.

So, Smudge Pot, do I understand correctly that you have no problem with the Rand hit piece? All because Gary didn't "outright accuse Rand of using prostitutes"?

Tucker Carlson actually did these things. Tucker's hit pieces were wrong and indefensible, but they were at least grounded in reality much more than Gary's. Yes, Rand could be blackmailed with strippers and drugs. How does that make it OK to do a story on it?

You're saying it would be OK for Gary to take the money given to him to help Ron Paul and use it to put out news stories about how Ron's son might possibly maybe be a secret serial killer? Just because he didn't "outright accuse" him of killing people? That's the best defense you can give for that video?

And this is not my first time speaking out against Gary's deplorable behavior. Click the second link.

I know I don't own Liberty and I'm not trying to dictate to anyone how to secure it. I'm just trying to keep myself and others as educated as possible about how best to work toward our goals. And giving money to someone making videos about how the future of the movement may or may not be corrupted by blackmail with drugs and strippers SEEMS to me not to be the greatest idea. Please tell me why it is.

Good. So now that the heat of the moment is passed...

I said in a previous that I watched your top link and made my point about Tucker but I will admit to you, mentally I think I avoided something. Maybe it was your bottom link. I do now recall having mentally blocked something out, a presentation where I was like...

Gary? What the heck? What the...no...no...no.

It was a cosmic face-palm moment. If that's a point of concession, I make it now. There was this moment. Like O...M...F...G you did not just do that. Like YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME. OK, you got that on me. And no, please don't remind me of the specifics, it takes a lot of booze to completely block something out and my liver needs a rest just now.

Perhaps the answer is simple tribalism on my part. When a bro falls I try to pick them up, when a bro is attacked I defend them. I guess that's my second admission if you will take it as such.

These two quids pro-quo for your honesty, candor and showing the amenability to peace. So at the very least you have not made an new enemy in me.

Keep on keepin it on!

Most of those who think so actually don't and most of those who think sew actually rip.


I have no vendetta against Gary personally (nor, of course, against anyone defending him). I do feel a little energized, though, when it comes to opening people's eyes about his behavior, because of the comments he made in his 'Justin Amash Romney endorsement' hit piece from my second link above. He seems to have no problem saying that no one outside of RevPAC was putting in any real effort to get Ron Paul elected. That's just asking for people to come after him. And when he spends his time making 'news' like that Rand attack, he should expect to be called out for his betrayal of the Movement.

I'm not doubting that Gary believes in the goals of Dr. Paul and the Liberty Movement. It just seems that he's put his own place within the Movement above its actual success. His immature attacks on those who are known to refuse to work with him lead one to believe that he is producing such pieces about Rand and Amash not to hold them accountable to the ideals of Liberty, as he claims, but rather as a retaliation for his rocky relationships with the leaders of Liberty. Regardless of what is true about his overhead percentage, I don't remember RevPAC donors being notified that their money would be going toward garbage like that. Tucker Carlson wasn't funding his hit pieces with the money of passionate supporters of Liberty - to my knowledge, at least.

I understand that RevPAC did in fact contribute to Dr. Paul's success, especially with their 'Compassion' ad. I also understand that claims that Gary simply pocketed 83% of the money for himself are likely not true. Just as your instinct was to defend Gary, mine was to defend the integrity of those trusted by principled advocates of Liberty. When I saw so many coming to Gary's defense, I took the opportunity to get as many people as possible to take a step back and ask themselves whether the man behind that desk peddling stories about drugs and hookers as actual 'news' is someone to whom we should be encouraging advocates of Liberty to donate resources.

We all fall victim to such "tribalism". Dr. Paul is too unique - and his ideas too powerful - for us not to.

"Every group of people with an unusual goal—good, bad, or silly—will trend toward the cult attractor unless they make a constant effort to resist it."

Let's try to keep a clear head and do our best to direct that energy toward our real enemies.


Yanno we should bury this hatchet

The movement might seem large right now but it's in fact small and chances are we're gonna bump into each other face to face. Now I ain't that big and I ain't that bad but I do look kinda scary and we are pretty intimidating but that's mostly a show we put on for outsiders. Arizona is a pretty cool place to be an activist and we want you to feel at home here. You are welcome and you are snug as a bug in a rug.

I just consulted the books and I find no law that states you have to like Gary. And I guess I find that you have passion. You are really passionate in your feelings about this and what other validity can any of us pretend to? So on balance while I might prefer your passion not be taken out on Gary, I'd rather you be so than not. What the heck. One way to find out what right is is to be wrong with intent. And I sense there's no right or wrong here. Between us that is. You think Gary is this and that and I think he's the other. I guess that doesn't mean you and me have a problem right?

I am defensive over those I consider family. One day you might find me fighting for you.

And something tells me that's a smart move. You don't give up easy. I think I'd rather fight for you than against you. People like you make good friends. Has somethign to do with loyalty. Has something to do with me liking people that will stand and represent. You really don't care if you live and die by the court of public opinion do you? You are gonna stand and deliver no matter if the whole world will shout you down aint you?

OK i am gonna get off your back. If you know the truth you shout it from the roof tops as loud and as many times as necessary. And know something else? We're veteran activists so we should be able to take it. This is where the big dogs run. And this is unprecedented, you and nobody has ever heard me come close to these words, this is as close as I come in public

but I pardon you and if you would be so kind as to pardon me in this instance,

you are very welcome in my house and in Arizona. I'm sure you will have an enjoyable time, every body else does.

Most of those who think so actually don't and most of those who think sew actually rip.

No hatchet.

I appreciate your words; you should know that I don't hold anything at all against you. And I do hope we bump into each other one day. You would be wise, however, not to host me on the same day as your other new friend here (The Granger's opinion of me is even worse than mine of Gary).

And who knows, maybe one day Gary or one of his supporters will share with me their secret argument for why they feel it would be appropriate for principled advocates of Liberty to take Gary seriously after that Rand attack video.

Did anyone even watch it?

How could he have spent a million dollars of our money on production value, but only have the ability to film a single, mistake-ridden take on his news report defending himself against keeping all the money? Obviously that story is false. If Gary had taken any money at all, he wouldn't be stuck on that amateur looking studio making up stories about Justin Amash and Rand Paul. Also, it doesn't even matter if he did steal our money, because look! Over there! Something about Romney! And Benton!

I'm sorry it's called CHRONOLOGY

How fast can you produce and release a counter claim in the middle of other operations? I guess your studio is better than Gary's.

As you say,

"If Gary had taken any money at all, he wouldn't be stuck on that amateur looking studio."

And I guess you just made an argument against yourself. "Obviously that story is false"? Obviously you are having some cognitive difficulty.

Face it, Bloomberg did a hit piece, Raw Story jumped on board, Trevor Lyman decided it was hot and here you are banging pots and pans. Now there is evidence that you-know-who is involved perhaps at the root of this thing?


We have all SEEN what Gary does. This hit has zero credibility with anyone involved in the history. Has it occurred to you that you seem to be in some bag company all the sudden?

Most of those who think so actually don't and most of those who think sew actually rip.


If you can't tell the difference between my serious post above and the sarcastic one below it, it is little surprise that you can't tell the difference between a man of integrity and a man who is taking our money to spread lies about Rand Paul being corrupted by drugs and strippers.

Gary was just on with Ernie Hancock of FreedomsPhoenix.com

The Declare Your Independence Show With Ernest Hancock


And guess what? The trail of clues leads to who? Ready for this?


Trevor I said I was sorry to see this blow your way. And now it's blowing your way. You ended up with the bad guys on this one.

Most of those who think so actually don't and most of those who think sew actually rip.

If your upset about wasted money...

then take it out on the campaign, there is no way RevPAC's staff could ever approach the incompetence of the official campaign staff.

Also, for those of you that still don't understand, RON PAUL WAS NEVER GOING TO BE ELECTED PRESIDENT.

No amount of money thrown towards the election would have gotten him elected, we don't count the votes.

The campaign was about EDUCATING, Dr. Paul has always known that politics is not a viable path for restoring our liberty, he uses it as a platform to educate the public.

Get with the program!

Check out the Laissez-Faire Journal at LFJournal.com

"The State is a gang of thieves writ large." - Murray Rothbard


Well that about says it all for me. I might be biased. I was behind Gary's successorship to RTR from day one. It wasn't a universally popular idea then either. Everybody it seems but me wanted that coveted position. Talk about a mad scramble.

I turned the job down. I said no way boss.

I never saw those behind the scenes shots of the studio. Man that looks pretty impressive.

I look at Gary and I see a man doing what Aaron ordered him to and we are united in a bond of seeing Aaron's Call To Action fulfilled. Some parts are talking longer than others. However Aaron gave his life to the cause and passed it on. We literally have the rest of our lives to see it forward.

Most of those who think so actually don't and most of those who think sew actually rip.

insubstantial to say the least.

yes, their youtube videos were great, but as far as i know, the exposure was limited to those who were already aware of ron paul. i haven't seen or heard a single one of these ads on the tv or radio on a nationally syndicated broadcast. we can't dismiss or confirm anything until we get cold hard numbers of their expenses which they have yet to release.
did we forget that franchi skimmed off commissions directly from each donation he claimed to have brought in?


The "compassion of Ron Paul"

The "compassion of Ron Paul" ad was on TV here in NH, just so you know.

Blessings )o(