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Gary Franchi responds to Rev PAC money being wasted. (VIDEO)

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No one is saying he took 100% of the money. Only 83%. He did in fact spend 17% on things like putting that ad on TV.

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We need all of our creative LIBERTY energy to be aligned

FORWARD. We can't afford to dissipate our resources by Internal bickering. It's a matter of trust and I am personally grateful for Gary Franchi's work at Restore the Republic, Freedom to Fascism project and the fantastic campaign ads that his PAC organization produced. His group was quick to respond to OUR needs, esp right around RNC Tampa fiasco in August.

I trust that his group will continue to keep us informed with liberty issues. It will be awesome to have Gary F's Reality Report along with Ben S's Reality Check for many years to come. (We truly have come a long way since we hand-planted hundreds of our homemade "Who is RonPaul?" "Google RonPaul" signs. . . only five years ago :-)

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I am also very grateful for the SuperBrochure project. I witnessed how those brochures caused many of our local regular conservatives to THINK as they read through them. Having one-on-one conversations with our local people, while handing out the SuperBrochures, probably helped deliver our small county to Ron Paul :-)

With Reality Report & Reality Check in the airwaves and us, liberty foot soldiers, talking personally with our friends & neighbors, we will have a better chance to have the general population look into our next liberty candidates with more open & favorable eyes.

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If it's a matter of trust

If it's a matter of trust then there is no reason Gary shouldn't produce all of the information we'll need to understand the situation so we can continue to trust him!

Revolution PAC donors didn't pay for Gary's video studio, they paid to make and get airtime for commercials. Not everyone watches or thinks highly of Gary's independent television efforts. It can't be argued that just because you're ok with Gary using PAC money for unrelated expenses that everyone else has to be ok with it also. That's a collectivist argument.

You got no way of knowing who I am but you know me

and I'm sorry to see another S-storm blow in on you brother. I'm in the position of supporting both you guys and that's a position I'll hold.

Just sorry to see it happening.

Most of those who think so actually don't and most of those who think sew actually rip.

I'm with you on that Smudge.

Our movement is far too small for divisiveness like this, and I have nothing but respect for both Gary Franchi and Trevor Lyman.

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kinda shocked

that so many of us took the words of who? Bloomberg and Raw Story to bash one of our own? Like whaaaaaaaaaa?

Bashing between Gary and Trevor at least has the redemptive qualities of:

1. being in the family

2. being a clash of two titans who have taken such savage bashings in the past as to be big enough to take it. History clearly demonstrates this.

You and I have seen and been through some dust ups. It can get ugly out there. No place for thin skins.

Most of those who think so actually don't and most of those who think sew actually rip.

Exactly on all points..and yeah, like we all of a sudden

Trust the MSM and aren't looking into Why they picked Gary Franchi out of the bunch when big fish like Rove, Adelson and others who are truly corrupt are out there...

And now I'm really wondering....just who is Smudge Pot?:)

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I posted this story to

I posted this story to LibertyCrier.com because the FEC reports back up the claims, and still do.

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Peter's donation

Maybe someone can answer this for me...

Gary mentions in the video that Peter's $150K donation was spent on Google ads and so it isn't an independent expenditure. Maybe I'm missing something here but how does this makes sense? If the Google ads were actually spent in advocacy for Ron Paul they would have to be included as an independent expenditure right? But they are not listed as an independent expenditure - so what were the ads for?

Again I may be missing something here. I'm not an FEC lawyer but this doesn't sound right to me.

I think you are being obtuse

If this was an in kind donation, then there was no actual cash transferred to the Rev-Pac, Peter Thiell bought the adds and used the Rev-Pac to make it legal.

>>>> If the Google ads were actually spent in advocacy for Ron Paul

Take this up with Peter Thiell, if you have doubts, Peter Thiell controlled the expenditure of his own funds, how could he have been bamboozled?

He was not by definition, it was his own voluntary exchange with Google.

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This is all it's going to

This is all it's going to take for you to overlook a million dollars in discrepancies? I understand Gary wants to do damage control but I expect a serious response from Gary with real numbers and information made available to the public. Not propaganda and statements we simply have to take him at his word on. We're talking about a million dollars.

Futhermore - what is it about my headline that isn't exactly true as reported by Bloomberg and Rawstory? Why does Gary have to try and attack me for reporting the news? It's because it's a tactic- that of distraction. It's pretty obvious. That's what all the propaganda nonsense on the back half of this video is all about. Gary is acting like he has answered everyones questions and it's all over now in this video. It's not even close to over and to act like it is just seems like more whitewash and propaganda to me. We need to see the numbers.

Also, the story exists because reporters always look into PAC's at the end of the election cycle, and because there are issues with RevolutionPAC FEC reports. It's not because of some imaginary attack from Jesse Benton.


RevPAC served a vital need of the campaign--quality campaign ads. The "big dog" ads the official campaign put out were completely ineffective and quite frankly, a big waste of money. With all of Dr. Paul's accomplishments, can we really only present one fact per 30 second spot? Contrarily, the "What if" ad produced by RevPAC was probably the single most powerful campaign video ever produced. I'm all for accountability, but IMO RevPAC did a tremendous job for the campaign where Benton et al came up way short. So yes, let's look at the specific numbers, but let's also take into account "bang for the buck" and compare the effectiveness of their ads to those of the campaign.

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The PAC produced some great

The PAC produced some great commercials, there is no doubt about that. But the issue is about how much money was raised and how much of that money was spent on actually playing those commercials on television. It doesn't do us much good to have great commercials if those commercials never make it to TV because the money was diverted into some other business or project. This is why we need answers. There are so many ways to blur the lines with all of this.

Don't know about that

They didn't even raise $1M. Perhaps if people had actually donated money like we did in '08, they could have done something. The $1.2M "money bombs" for the actual Paul campaign were sickening.

The Ron Paul campaign didn't even have enough money for commercials - not in the amount that would be needed to make a difference. I think if I were in that situation I would probably be trying something else.

"In the beginning of a change the patriot is a scarce man, and brave, and hated and scorned. When his cause succeeds, the timid join him, for then it costs nothing to be a patriot."--Mark Twain

Echoing Brian's comment..

Please put this on the front page.

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the Hacks fall silent.....

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I'm so sick and tied of

I'm so sick and tied of seeing people JUMP TO CONCLUSION based on emotional and/or hyperbolic nonsense without hearing a defense and/or know ALL THE FACTS!!!

Thanks Gary...

If you disagree with me on anything you are not a real libertarian...

Please put this

on the front page

Looks like he has a defamation suit to file

Maybe Tom Woods would help him out with that. I figured that there was some kind of smear job going on, but he has given us a reasonable explanation. $3000 month is not an unreasonable salary.

looks like he spent it on a studio

and fancy visual effects*

*being facetious. Pretty good video, a strong defence and it does seem like they're victims of a smear job.