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Lieberman pushes for cybersecurity-i.e., Government control of Internet.

Senator Lieberman uses a flawed Pearl Harbor analogy to justify increased Federal cybersecurity.


But here's the most chilling part of his opinion piece in the NY Times--Which does not have a readers' comment section, of course--

"Time has almost run out in this session of Congress, and President Obama will soon issue an executive order that will establish cybersecurity standards for critical infrastructure according to the statements of his top cabinet officials.

But the president’s powers are limited, and the issuance of an executive order is controversial even among some supporters of cybersecurity legislation. The new Congress must take up this issue, and pass comprehensive legislation to defend our nation against this gathering cyberthreat. If it doesn’t, the day on which those cyberweapons strike will be another “date which will live in infamy,” because we knew it was coming and didn’t come together to stop it."

So either A.) The president should be given broader executive powers or B.) The "new Congress should become a rubber stamp body of yes-men to the President's will--for our own good of course!

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Liberman is a weasel

Isn't he retiring?

This is Not Good

Liebermann wants to grant Israel power over our internet by way of an executive order signed by Obama. Why wouldn't Israel want this power? They already control televsion, radio, and print media. As prominent neoconservative Hillary Clinton recently lamented, "we're losing the information war to alternative media" [paraphrasing]. Soon our internet will be censored like China's and dissent will be stifled in the last medium that promises to preserve the peoples' freedoms.