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Who Pays For Sports Stadiums? Infographic. Hint: The Taxpayers

I lost my interest in watching millionares play stick and ball sports when I lived in Dallas in the mid 90's. There were a lot of unhappy taxpayers in Arlington they had to "chip in" when George W decided he wanted to build the massive "Ballpark in Arlington" for the Rangers that he partly owned. (Before he was Gov) The Rangers were always last in their divison but the entire team was so "roid'ed up" it was a site to see. There were SO many balls blasted out of the park. (Canseco, Franco, Rodrigez, Palmereo, etc)

Before the new ballpark was build I could go watch Nolan Ryan pitch and it cost me about $25 which included parking, field level seats and 2 half gallons of beer. At the new ballpark, I could only afford Wednesday games, (which were the cheapest) it cost me $10 to park a 1/2 mile away, $12 for the cheapest seats WAY UP TOP and 20oz drafts were $8.50 each. Of course I lost a day of pay since I was taking off work too. I saw W a few times sitting down with his cronies in the first row behind the players. He always had on his aligator skin sh1tkickers, with his feet up on top of the home team dugout. The HUGE ballpark was rarely full even on Friday or Saturday nights and I used to think how fcuked up it was that taxpayers paid for the largest part of the stadium but we still got shafted by the high prices to watch all the doped up millionaires knock the leather off the baseball.

And don't get me started on Jerry Jones and the billion dollar stadium he was able to get help building for "America's Team". Pro sports are all distraction and mindless patriotic state worship.

Pretty interesting infografic at this link:

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