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Black Box F-150 disable black box transmitter

For various reason, the government has order all new cars to have data recorders - Back Box - recorders. Most new cars already have them, the company uses the data for various reasons but now the government is getting in on the game as expected.

I have a 2007 Ford F-150. Is there any info on disabling the transmitter that send the data to Ford?


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On the roof of my truck,

On the roof of my truck, towards the windshield, there is a small black disk shaped object. I'm not sure what it is - does/did Ford have any vehicles that worked with OnStar as well?

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Satellite Radio Antenna

Probably the Sirius antenna.

If you have a license to drive it

you don't own it. If you don't own it, who does? The state. Then they issue you a license to commercially operate their equipment.

the license is to drive it on

the license is to drive it on 'their' roads. you don't need a license to drive on YOUR property or any private property that you're welcome to do so on.


So I use to be big into the VW modification scene.

One of my friends had a highly modified VR6 and he was using a standalone engine management system. But he wanted the car to pass a CA SMOG check. If they plugged in the OBDII reader into his car it would return no values and would fail because there was no factory computer.

So this is what he did. He reinstalled the factory ECU and plugged in all the input sensors but made sure that all the outputs couldn't control any of the systems, and used the standalone to run all of the engine systems.

He then made a switch to turn on the factory ECU or to turn it off. When he went into the shop for the SMOG check he turned on the lobotomized factory ECU that actually controlled nothing but it appeared to the smogcheck system to have valid information.

He passed and they knew nothing.

What you could do is very similar. But have the Factory ECU shut off all the time so it can't log any data but your car is running fine off a second ECU. :)

My 2 cents.

I can see how the 4th or 5th Amendment might come into play

If you are in an accident and the cops take your data without your consent, or the courts want you to incriminate yourself on the basis of your black box data. If it's your vehicle, you own the data.

If you think this is bad, wait until car manufacturers start implementing OBD III, courtesy of the California Air Resources Board (CARB). Your car will broadcast any trouble codes to waiting roadside sensors, which will in turn transmit your data to a central office to decide if you should be fined or not for "polluting the earth".



it doesn't count

if you don't actually own your car.


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Professional technician here

I can tell you there is no way to disable this black box. The EDR gets it's data the same way a scan tool or your Engine Module or Trans Module do. Over a serial data line that communicates in short pulses of electricity.

The EDR doesn't have a radio transmitter or a reciever, so there is no data transmission occuring. The EDR is accessed through the DLC port (scanner connector) or individually through a PC link (removed from vehicle).

So basically, dont let any FEDS hook up a scanner to your car, crash in a publicly owned vehicle or sue an automaker and you're good to go.

The court cases mentioned are all public employees in public cars, or politicians. If a private individual was in court the EDR could be requested for discovery as evidence.

One scary thing I do know of is the OnStar system in GM vehicles. The OnStar data center communicates with law enforcement, and I'm pretty sure a simple verbal request would result in them telling the police anything they wanna know about your rig. Codes? Speed? Running? Locked? Location? All readily available.

Moral of the story:

Dont buy GM with OnStar systems, dont crash in your work truck, dont sue an automaker with a team of lawyers.

that came out in 96 with OBDII

my truck is OBDI and I just ordered a new motor for it. it is an 89 D- 100 pick up truck.
if you want EFI and a truck that will keep it's mouth shut, you will need to find one from say...88 to 95.

Not a mechanic and can't give

Not a mechanic and can't give you instructions on disabling them, but I read somewhere when they were first started talking about this that if you disable them then your vehicle will not run.

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By Pass it.