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Adam Kokesh: Unemployment, Egypt, Rand Paul, Public Nudity, and you...

Adam Kokesh: Unemployment, Egypt, Rand Paul, Public Nudity, and...


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"Kokesh did this vid before

"Kokesh did this vid before Rand Paul issued statement on the matter on his Facebook."

Then he should keep his mouth shut unless he actually knows what he's talking about. He and others are the ones constantly "burning Liberty bridges."

sounds like you're suffering from

low frustration tolerance, besides, not only can you stand him, you can even comment on him, however why you think you "can't stand" him is left unexplained.

This 'Hollywood Minute' Update ...

makeover is more obnoxiously snarky than the former style he sported wearing wifebeater tank tops and snarling through a skraggly Lenin beard.

Thanks for commenting

Why not comment on the content?

Can you go deeper?

Some folks laugh at libertarians saying "we are like cats and getting us together to do anything is like herding cats" -- you prove their point.

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sometimes LL can suck & sometimes LL rocks!
Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15

Libertarians would have lost the Revolutionary War

They would have argued with George Washington and been slaughtered by the Red Coats.

That's my standard of freedom. If you would have slept on the frozen Valley Forge ground, no food, no b*tching and crossed the freezing Delaware to shoot Red Coats and Tories under General Washington's command, then you are a freedom fighter and patriot.

Any less than that, you're a p*ssy and no freedom fighter.

So, stroke yourself however you like to do it. You either measure up or not. Who cares about "libertarian"?

As I said, Libertarians would have been b*tching and complaining about Geo. Washington "oppressing the grassroots" and would have resulted in losing the Revolutionary War.

Form Over Substance

Heard Instinct

I like listening to truth in the raw.


So my comment was a remark on style which I find often to be a distraction from exposure of worthwhile content. Whether individual libertarians or anarchists are truly easy to corral does not turn on whether we run with pussies or posturing big dogs, for me it's about content beyond the superficial.

I find clawing and hissing as much an annoying distraction from what matters as coy pussyfooting.

I will defy being grouped as either an Adam supporter or detractor, but IMHO, my preference is for unstylized expression of information and opinion.