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Who in the Gov't Today Are People We Support as a Community?

Im not looking for perfection (ie people who vote and think exactly like Ron Paul) But who do we support that is currently NOW in the gov't on some level - local, state, & federal. I think it would be good for us to take a stock of who we are behind that is now in office. And also we need to ask who are going to support that could be in office.

Some people I think should be on the list are obvious - Rand Paul, Justin Amash, Walter Jones, John Duncan, Tom Davis......

What others are there - especially interested in ideas on people that may not be entirely in our camp but lean our way......we need to start leading and pulling people into our camp

we dont want to fight the establishment any more - we want to blaze our own path and make them follow us

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Support Principles, not Politicians

Honestly, I don't think we should "support" any of them.

When they vote for liberty, we applaud them. When they don't we decry them and take note. Dr Paul has on many occasions teamed up with other members of both legislative houses that I wouldn't support in a million years. But, he knew that you form alliances when you agree, and when you don't agree, you agree to disagree.

We don't need politicians to be the "Face" of liberty. WE are the face of liberty. Insofar as politicians support liberty, I support them. When they don't, I don't. I'm not throwing my support behind a name. I'm throwing it behind a concept.

If politicians want us behind them.... maybe they should get behind US.

I say, since we're opening up things and willing to look at

others that aren't perfect.. How about Lindsey Graham? I'm sure there was SOMETHING good about him? Maybe if we can find two things, some of you might want to even give him the Liberty sticker.

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Ever heard the term herding

Ever heard the term herding cats? That's what you're asking for here.

Blessings )o(