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Which U.S Senator is more non interventionist than Rand?

For those of you who are so critical of Rand, I would just like for you to answer one question. Which United States Senator is more of a non interventionist than Rand? Foreign policy issues seem to be the main area of disagreement with Rand, and I'll admit that Rand isn't perfect on those issues. But who is better? Please name a United States Senator who is better than Rand on foreign policy issues. Thanks.

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He still doesn't stand out,

He still doesn't stand out, and if you think that he is actually more libertarian/conservative then he is letting on, I cannot trust that if he is elected he will magically start distancing himself from his more neo-con policies. yes his dad is amazing and it would be hard to believe that he would not be a closet Constitutionalist, but sorry.... deception isn't such a great virtue. The people need to be woken up, not deceived by a closet libertarian. ( or perhaps a closet neocon for that matter)

Me either! I've constantly

Me either! I've constantly told ppl rand could of taken the torch left by his father and really led this movement, but he messed it up with all his Neo con voting( Iran sanctions). No one is gonna follow Rand unless he changes man! What did he learn from his father anyway? And I'm not joking y'all.... He's really the son of Ron Paul? Lol wow

juan maldonado

He's a

He's a "libertarian/conservative" because of his voting record. The only vote he's taken that goes against non interventionist principles is his vote in favor of sanctions against Iran. Every other vote he's taken on foreign policy issues has been solid. When Rand agrees with us on 90% of the foreign policy issues, and someone like Marco Rubio agrees with us on 0% of the foreign policy issues, I have no idea why you wouldn't support Rand.

not a good standard to go by

Tell me, which serial killer has killed the fewest people? I am not ascribing any moral equivalency between serial killers and senators. Rather, I am trying to make a point that saying someone is the least bad of a lot is not a criterion we should use to determine whether someone should get our support.

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I don't think that Rand is

I don't think that Rand is the "least bad" Senator. I think his foreign policy views are good overall, but just not perfect. Overall he's the most non interventionist Senator we've had since Robert Taft.

What a redeeming quality...

being slightly less horrible than the rest...

George Bush was slightly less of big spender than Obama, I guess we should support him, right?

Do you see now how the "lesser evil" argument is a very poor argument?

Just because other people are worse, it doesn't make Rand's inconsistencies and shortfalls any less objectionable.

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Rand is the best, definitely.

Rand is the best, definitely. However, your argument doesn't amount to much because guys like Krusheyev were the "most non-interventionist" compared to other Stalin-era Politburo members but that didn't make them acceptable. Rand is still GOOD on foreign policy overall. But by your logic if we were voting on this one issue we should vote for Obama vs Romney when in reality both were intolerable on foreign policy.

Anyway, just constructive criticism.

Ventura 2012

I don't see how you can say

I don't see how you can say that Romney's foreign policy was any worse than Obama's. Obama has been the biggest warmonger we've ever had as President. No other President has ever bombed so many countries or been involved in so many different wars at once.

Ok but you made a relative,

Ok but you made a relative, ordinal point so every little thing has enough weight to make one "less interventionist" than the other. If I remember correctly Obama's "red line" for bombing Iran was less inflexible than Romney's. Also the rhetoric, especially towards Russia and against China and Arabs, was less hostile. Of course in practice both guys are puppets and likely have as much influence in setting foreign policy as you or I do.

Ventura 2012

Bernie Sanders


He voted for the sanctions as

He voted for the sanctions as well, and he voted against Rand's amendment to cut foreign aid and voted against Rand's amendment that said that only Congress can declare war. He's also a huge supporter of the United Nations who voted for the UN disabilites treaty. How in the world is he better?