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When Will Those Responsible for 9/11 Be Held Accountable?

If youre like me, Ry Dawson's video about Alex Jones got you thinking. 9/11 wasnt because of the Jesuits, the Devil, or the Illuminati. It was because of real people like you and me:


When will these people be held accountable? It seems like many of the current "conspiracy" illuminati/builderberg/etc. leaders are leading people away from making legitimate progress.

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When people are willing to put up or shut up thats when

not too hard to get a 100,000 people together for a rock concert.

Put that times 5 in DC in protest with a set list of demands and this will move forward. The only problem is about 90% of the truth groups are controlled opposition and will not help in putting this together.

Luke Rudowski and We Are Change is worth a steaming pile of dog poo in this regard so forget them.

Forget Bob Bowman and that nut Mike Gravel they are both govt/nwo moles.

Maybe AE911 but I'm even beginning to think Gage may be compromised

November 6th 2012 I voted for Dr.Ron Paul
"We must remember, elections are short-term efforts. Revolutions are long-term projects." ~ Ron Paul

Can you elaborate?

Can you elaborate on your criticisms of Rudkowski, Bowman, Gage?

The short answer, soon. The long answer,...

when enough of us become so aware of the truth, we can no longer live with ourselves without taking action; and the realization that action will involve some degree of violence, be it ostracism or something more physically tangible. To do this, we must step away from our own fears and insist on either justice or retribution. What puzzles me is that there are so many of us prepared to kill the innocent for some perceived "greater good," yet nearly none prepared the guilty for the same purpose. Why is that?

That's a good question

I think the architects and engineers are the center of the movement. The average person is certainly not going to believe some "conspiracy nut" but they might believe (or be open-minded enough to listen to) a scientist. Personally, I never gave any serious thought to 9/11 being anything other than what we were told until I saw that PBS documentary "Explosive Evidence". The truth is that I can't say for sure what happened but the fact that there are 1700+ architects and engineers gives this whole thing a lot more weight. In addition, former Lt Colonel Bob Bowman (who was in charge of the Star Wars program under Nixon and Ford and has a PHD in Aeronautics and Nuclear Engineering) doesn't believe the official story and seemed to think Dick Cheney was at the center of it.

It will be interesting to see the role that the economic collapse plays in all of this. I would guess it would further sweep things under the rug because people will be focused squarely on their own immediate well-being (eating, shelter, etc). In that scenario, many people might blame capitalism and *not* the government's interference in the economy so they might well want *more* government. On the other hand, there will also probably be plenty of people who become far less trusting of government.

Who knows.

They won't be.

They won't be. I'm sorry but it's true. We have got to stop thinking about how we will hold those criminals who perpetrated 9/11 accountable, and start thinking in terms of "how we will prevent the next state sponsored false flag terror attack".

The American people are waking up, but not near enough to effect prosecutions of Project of a New American Century neocons and issue warrants.

Through eternal vigilance we can prevent the next one though, and I believe we have done so already on a number of occasions. I still have many questions about 9/11, and I do not think I will ever know exactly what happened. I can't do anything about 9/11 except ask others to ask questions as well. Where I can make a difference is monitoring current transmissions and alert my fellow patriots to the potential for false flags when those situations arise. Currently, I believe that the situation in Syria warrants much scrutiny, and we should watch NATO troop movements closely.

For the record, I do not support what Israel's government is doing to their Palestinian neighbors, (I do like that the Israeli people still have the right to bear arms), but also, I think alex does much good to promote the cause of liberty. He won't be right 100% of the time, so just take what you can use, and leave the rest. Use your own logic and discernment to decide what info is useful.